Auction in progress.

Today's MNS Auction started at 11.00am and ended at 12.45pm.
It was a very good turned out and very successful auctioned.
Most of the Bourse Tables were having brisked business.

I met Bloggers Mr.David and En.Sabri and friends.
Members of MNS from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban, Johore, Ipoh,Penang,Pahang and down under, Singapore were here to bid their items.Modern Malaysia Banknotes were still their favourite.
Mail bidders and floor bidders were equally aggressive in this auction.

Viewing session.



  1. Hi Dickson,
    Eventhough we couldn't make it to the auction, it was exciting going through the realised prices of the auctioned items.
    In fact we found these auctioned prices a much more accurate pricing than any catalogue available in the market.
    Thanks so much for all the trouble that you have taken to post the realised prices in your blog for our reference.
    Hehe, guess you would have brought the error coin for 400 bucks and probably the Brunei One Cent coin as well.
    Haha, just our wild guess and if we would have been there, we would have bid for error and the Brunei coins.
    Of course that is if you didn't want to bid for them first.
    You our sifu ma, must give you first, haha.
    Anyway, whoever became their new owners, our heartiest congratulations to them.
    And hope you could kindly post them for us to have a closer look.
    Thanking you in advance, Dickson :)

  2. Hello Mr.Dickson,

    I just found out about your blog...and its very informative... I just want to know can a non MNS member attend this kind of auction??

  3. Dear whycollect,
    You are right to certain extent,I bidded both but on behalf of a good friend from Singapore.
    He prepared to bid the Malaysia Parliament 20 Cents with the security edged up to RM1,200.00.
    He is very happy when I told him he is the new owner of this Rare coin at the reserve price!
    He owes me one!I will tell him about your heartiest congratulations to him!

  4. Dear Pierre,
    You are most welcome!All numismatists are welcome to attend our MNS auctions.But to bid the items you must be a MNS member!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    Always glad to hear that these rare collectibles have landed into safe and loving hands.
    Just a kind request from us if it would be ok for the owner to let you photograph the coin in question and then show it in your blog .
    We are anxious to see how the error coin looks like.
    Thanking you in advance, Dickson :)

  6. Hello Mr. Dickson,

    I'm just a student collector, I dont think I have the resources to bid in the auctions yet, but certainly will be an excitement to have look on those collectibles before the auctions. I'll try to make it to the next auctions. Thanks for your infos.

  7. Dear whycollect,
    Yes of cause,photos taken but I am still waiting to speak to the first owner to find out where and how he got this Malaysia 20 cents error with security edge.
    May post the photos first before more details!
    Please sabar a litter bit more!Haha!

  8. Dear Pierre,
    A lot of auction items are not very expensive!
    I met some of my Bloggers who are also university students attended our auction,they bidded some items too!Hope to see you in our next auction.You may add yourself as a follower to my Blog so that you will be well informed for our next auction.Hope to see you in our MNS next auction!

  9. Hi Dickson,
    When it comes to error coins, always a little impatient lor, haha.
    The reason is because no two errors are exactly alike.
    Reminded us of those days we bred guppies, hehe.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  10. Hi Dickson,
    Will come again next time.
    Glad to meet you there.
    After finish my study, I will active back.

  11. Dear Sabri,
    Very glad to meet you too!
    Study sure very important,but must need good leasure time as well!So,sometime curi tulang-curi tulang a bit to look at my Blog should be ok!haha!