How To Find Time To Collect Coins?

You have been  trying to finish off your Malaysia  Parliament series coin collection for months and are asking yourself, "Am I making progress? Why can't I keep track of which coins I still need? Where has all the time I've invested gone? Am I using my time as effectively as possible?"
Anyone who embarks on a hobby such as coin collecting quickly discovers how important effective time usage is. Attending auctions, reading coin books, and keeping track of your own collection inevitably takes time. Sometimes in an effort to keep up with the latest changes in coin collecting, books and magazines get scattered about, coins become misplaced, price guides simply vanish, and the record of your collection turns out to be incorrect.

When finding that specific issue of Coins catalog or your 1969 50 Cents UNC coin seems a Herculean task,don't despair, there's still hope. Embarking on a project like trying to acquire every Parliament series's coin  from1967 to 1988 shows that you like a challenge and are diligent,energetic and industrious. Half-finished projects, however, leave you with a sense of despair, that dreaded feeling of "never getting anywhere." A simple change in lifestyle or mind set may be all you need, though. Here are some ideas that have worked for me in the quest to help use my coin collecting time more effectively.

Set daily or weekly goals and do your best to accomplish them. Be realistic. Spending two hours a day on your hobby would be nice,but very few collectors are able to maintain this pace every single day. Set a sensible goal, such as 15 minutes to one hour of hobby time, and set it aside every day. Any more is great, but spending three hours on numismatics in one day doesn't mean you can skimp on tomorrow's time.Achieving a goal every day--even as simple as visiting my Blog on Mint errors or calling some dealers to check the current price for an EF 1901 British Trade dollar,BTD--will give you  a feeling of  accomplishment that will help you through tough or busy time.

Find out when your best hobby time is and capitalize on it. Some people are hard at work long before the sun is up, whereas some are just retiring to bed. Keep track of your energy level throughout the day, and find out when your peaks are. During high energy periods,try to meet your daily hobby goal. Working during this "natural high" can increase productivity by as much as 100%. Continue to work at this time every day until it is as natural as brushing your teeth.

Learn to focus on your work. During your daily hobby time, do nothing else! Don't flip through the  newspaper. Don't turn on the TV. Don't read a comic book. Don't let anything interfere with your hobby time.

If you think that you need a special enviroment to work in, then create it. Paint the walls, section off a corner of a room with book cases, set up a card table, or whatever. One cheap, easy way to create a hobby space is to lay a tabletop on two filing cabinets to use as a work area. Because the table is your apecial coin collecting area, you can also leave things on it safely until tomorrow's hobby time arrives. Your goal is to create an environment where you can comfortably maintain a rhythm and fulfill your daily quota of numismatic enjoyment.

Don't let others steal your coin collecting time. In a gentle but seriuos manner, let your friends and family know that you have certain times when you need to work uninterrupted. Politely tell them that you can't be bothered with questions, calls, visits, offers for lunch,dinner or anything else during this time.They may not understand at first,but they should accept it if you make it clear how much coin collecting means to you.




  1. If time is a factor, engaging an honest dealer's help may be of great help to one.
    Haha, just our one and a half cent.
    Great tips you have here.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Wow, nice 1969 coins you have here, Dickson.
    And of course, who could resists those big shiny silvers, hehe.
    Haha, got to find time to dig out those common coins stored inside the old chocolate metal boxes.
    It had been a habit for us to put all those common coins that we've found daily in mini PP bags before putting them away in those boxes.
    You are right, Dickson.
    Got to find some time to reorganise them.
    Have been doing it for ages at times just don't know what's inside these boxes, haha.
    Haha, suppose your useful tips here is a wake up call to us to start reorganising ourselves again.
    Thanks again, Dickson :)

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Ini satu panduan yang sangat berguna pada pengumpul baru,selain pengurusan masa dan persekitaran,harap Mr.Dickson dapat juga sentuh fasal peralatan yang betul dan penjagaan kesihatan terutamanya untuk pengumpul syiling errors yang kadang2 terlupa yang mana hobi dan yang mana kerja..TERIMA KASIH BANYAK2 KERANA SUDI DIKONGSI.

  4. Fortunately, I am currently unemployed.

    As such, I have all the time in the world to read all your postings!

  5. Dear whycollect,
    Is thrilling when I went through those boxes again.You will find something very exciting that you missed earlier.
    "those common coins" today may become scarce pieces added with natural toned lustre!Wow!

    "Engaging an honest dealer's help" sound good,but to find a "honest dealer"is a big challenge!

  6. Dear depankanta,
    Seterusnya saya akan syorkan peralatan yang betul untuk dipakai.
    Kalau hobi boleh jadi kerja dan kerja boleh jadi hobi,tidakkah cara hidup ini yang kami semua alu-alukan?
    Dan kalau hobi ini boleh bersara hidup,syuknya!

  7. Dear malayastraitsbanknotes,
    David,you are the most lucky man in the world.
    Hobby becomes investment and generics income,
    like Louis Armstrong said "What a wonderful world". Cheers!
    Best regards to you!See you on coming Sunday yah!

  8. Hi Dickson,
    Yes, its not easy to find some one honest to help us.
    We're adopting the same principle like our car mechanic.
    Once we find something's fishy about the billing after a trip to their workshop, we will find another one to replace him, haha.
    Arg, you are right, here.
    Once common, now they are all gone before we could even lay our hands on them, haha.
    Guess its happens to other collectibles too.
    Haha, still remember one of our friends who was supposed to buy the stash of puerh tea for us but he hesitated a little before proceeding with the purchase.
    But it was too late as the stash already bought by some one else.
    Haha, till now he's been a target of our mockery for being a little too late. (Actually we never blame him, haha)
    Ya, hopefully we will find something good inside those boxes.
    Wish us luck lor, Dickson, haha.
    Thank you so much for all the useful tips :)