Malaysia Mint Error Coins Auctioned In Mavin Auction On 16-07-2011.

Cent, (KM.1a; Tan MSC1a), 1988, off-centre strike, rev. scratch; 50 Cents, (KM.53; Tan MSC12), 1990, obverse and reverse double strike, both as struck. (2)
SG$70 Up
Realised: SG$210

Source:Mavin International Pte Ltd,Singapore.

Picture Courtesy Of Mavin International Pte Ltd,Singapore.

On 16th July 2011,a piece of Malaysia Parliament Series One Cent Mint Error coin with Off-Center Strike (Reverse Scratch) and a piece of Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1990, 50 Cents Double Strike coin were put on auction in Mavin International Auction,Singapore with a reserved price of SGD70.00 (RM171.50)and Up.
To my surprised and as well as many Malaysia Mint Errors collectors,they were bidded with a realised price of SGD210.00 (RM514.50).Excluding Buyer's Premium of 15% plus GST of 7% which will be added to the Hammer Price.

This realised price will served as a "Booster" to Mint Errors collector like us!


  1. Wah, Dickson, you 'fatt-tat-lor' hahaha.
    Jokes aside, suppose its timely that error coin collectors be 'rewarded' in one way or another.
    Honestly, back in those years when we tried to persuade friends to take a look at the error coins or search for them through their loose change, we were being shunned or laughed at or even bombarded with sarcastic remarks.
    Even with all these obstacles, we struggled on knowing very well that this niche of numismatic were so well received in the developed countries like the US.
    Guess being contrarians with perseverance eventually enable us get a taste of some fruitful results.
    Yeah, Dickson, this deal you have posted here is surely a real booster.
    Expecting more of these news from you lor, haha.
    Looking back, it was really fun breeding guppies during our young days.
    And there is a very unique feature in both the error coins hobby and breeding guppies.
    Because among the billions of guppies in the world, no two of them are exactly alike, and the same goes for error coins too.
    And thats what first attracted us to collect error coins.
    Thank you so much, Dickson :)

  2. Dear Whycollect,
    I was having breakfast with Mr.Wong,the President of Asia Numismatic Society,Singapore in JB this morning,he asked me why Malaysia Mint Error Coins are sold for low price?
    He told me the realised price for mint error coin in recent Mavin Auction Singapore was reasonable!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Couldn't agree with you more regarding the statement above.
    If we compare the Malaysian error coins or even numismatic as a whole with other countries, we believe there is still lots of upside in the local scene.
    Obvious important aspects are the growing young population as well as a strong emerging economy.
    Thanks a lot for the good tips, Dickson :)