China,Szechuan Ma Lan (Horse) Bronze Token (1912-1935)


China.Ma Lan Bronze Token.
10 Cents Size.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

China Ma Lan Bronze Token, or sometime they called it 'China Fantasy Coin'!
"Ma" is Horse and "Lan" is orkid in Chinese.There were more than 40 varieties.

This Ma Lan token, on the obverse is a horse, it was drawn by the world famous horse painting artist in China,Mr Xu Pei Hong.

China.Ma Lan Bronze Token.
10 Cents Size.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
On reverse is without an usual Lan (Orchid) design, instead is a description of "Present Made By De Chun".

De Chun,sirname is Yang,was a Director of China Bronze Dollar Department in Szechuan.He ordered and produced this limited edition of Ma Lan token was to commemorate the birthday celebration of his mother.

Two sizes were available, a 5 Cents and a 10 Cents size.

On 14-05-2005,an EF piece of this De Chun Ma Lan 10 Cents Size Bronze Token was auctioned with a realised price of RMB1430.00 by China Jia De Auction House.


  1. Nice Chinese token.
    First time seeing such a token.
    Wonder what's the mintage?
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Because this is not an official isused,no mintage was recorded!
    I checked with dealers from south to the north of Peninsular Malaysia,no one seems to have any stock!That is one antique dealer in China Town KL used to have many pieces bought from Singapore 20 years ago,when I approched him,he sold away long ago to some Hong Kong Chineses for few hundred dollars each.Dealer in Penang,Mr.Tan also run out of stock for many years,his stock were sold to China's Chinese.
    I collected my piece of Szechuan Ma Lan Bronze Token from a veteran coin collector from Ipoh.
    Happy week-end!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, thats great.
    Haha, remind us of the red box Po-Lan Liu-Bao.
    RM200 don't want. Very expensive.
    RM250 some more expensive.
    Now hoo > 1K, outrageously expensive, haha.
    Its indeed a very interesting piece of exonumia.
    If you've not shown it here, we would not have known about it.
    Haha, reminds us of those times, the only three words in the mind, buy buy buy, hahahaha.
    Hehe, happy to know that at least one specimen still with a Malaysian :)