Checked Through 8,319 pcs
 20 cents Coins.
My most recent completed treasure hunting on Malaysia 1st and 2nd series 20 Cents coins from the same batch of coins given by my good friend Mr.Jeffery,no big surprises.
I flipped through 8,319 pieces of 20 cents coins,hoping to find rare dates in UNC condition,errors like Major Die Crack Errors,Rotated Die Errors,Off-Center Strike Errors ,Defective Planchet Errors,Lamination Errors,Collar Die Strike Errors etc.

In BU Condition.
Here were my "treasures",
1-In BU condition: 6 pcs.
2-Key dates:
1994-7 pcs, AVF to VF in condition.
1969-18 pcs,AVF to VF in condition.1pc in UNC  condition.   
1970-2 pcs,AVF to VF in condition.
1978-1 pc.AVF in condition.

Malaysia.1994-20 cents.7 pcs,
AVF to VF in condition.

1969-18 pcs,AVF to VF in condition.
1pc in UNC  condition.
1970-2 pcs,AVF to VF in condition.

3-Minor freak: 26 pcs.
4-Die Rotation Errors: 3 pcs with more then 90 degrees Rotated Die Errors and 3pcs with less than 90 degrees  Rotated Die Errors.
5-Coins with UNC in condition:117 pcs.

One highlight, 20 Cents coins in Malaysia Parliament Series,we always pay attention to key dates 1970 (Mintage=1,054,000 pieces) and 1969 (Mintage=15,000,000 pieces),we neglected another key dates with second lowest mintage,i.e.1978 (Mintage=6,874,062 pieces).

In my this "20 cents treasure hunt" exercise ,out of 8,319 pieces only one piece of 1978 20 cents coin in about very find condition was found!


  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    20 sen coins are my favourite to check for errors and keydate. Perhaps that is because of its size and denomination. 10 sen and smaller denominations hurts my eyes, while 50 sen coins are quite hard to find in large quantity.

  2. Hi Dickson,
    About the '78 20sen.
    Yes, haven't seen any among the circulating coins for quite a long time.
    Hope so the 20sen coins image didn't stick to your retina permanently after your 8319 blink, haha.
    You definitely deserved to be rewarded with all the rare finds after expanded so much effort.
    Congratulations, Dickson :)

  3. Dear mnfaj,
    Errors on 50 Cents will give you the best return!
    10 sen hurts your eyes,5 sen will hurts your eyes and fingers as well.

  4. Dear whycollect,
    8319 blink? too late.Already super-imposed by 10 sen doubled blink!haha!
    I go very slow on 10 sen,only do it under natural daylight.No big surprise yet!
    20 sen not so good result,but happy to find a 1969 UNC 20 sen,and 2 pcs of near 180 degree CW rotated die errors in VF condition.
    5 sen?dare not to think yet!!haha!

  5. Hi Mr.Dickson,
    depankanta harap Mr.Niew jumpa lamination errors dalam banyak2 syiling tu kerana sukar jumpa error ini pada denominasi 20 sen.
    Memeriksa syiling bersaiz kecil memang memenatkan mata.Kalau terlalu banyak,biasanya Depankanta buat tapisan dgn mata kasar terlebih dulu,kalau jumpa yg ada tanda2 errors baru gunakan kanta.
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr.Niew,sebarang penemuan pada syiling siri 1 & 2 penting sebelum ianya ditarik dari edaran....

  6. 8,319 keping syiling memerlukan beberapa hari untuk dihabiskan...bila jumpa apa yang dicari terasa puas dan hilang segala kepenatan.
    Tahniah Dickson dan terima kasih kerana berkongsi info.

  7. 8K pieces? How many hours of work needed to flip that coins? If you're asking me, it maybe will takes me over one week. But treasure hunting is always a fun thing for collector.

  8. Hi Depankanta,
    Memang saya juga buat tapisan dgn mata kasar terlebih dulu.
    Kalau error-nya terlalu minor,saya lepas shj.

    Tahun depat,dgn keluran Siri ke3,mungkin hanya siri pertama ia itu Parliament shj yg ditarik.

  9. Hi Duacongkak,
    8319 keping,kalau kira masa nett,makan hampir 48 jam,tetapi saya buat hanya pada masa yg diizinkan,pun makan masa lebih kurang seminggu.
    10 sen,sudah dua minggu masih belum selesai,ini semua "Angkara/Indecent Acts" kawan baik saya dari Ipoh.haha!,"Lambak" saya degan begitu banyak syiling-syiling kutipannya.

  10. Dear lunaticg,
    Luckly,I enjoyed flipping through and without my lovely wife and children making noise! Infect,they are helping me doing the packing into 50 ringgit of coins per pack for me to deliver to my frind who owns a restaurent.First delivery, they welcome me with my coins and said very good and asked got some more ha?.Second delivery still said very good,very good! 3rd delivery,said wah! still got huh! 4th delivery he said Wah-lau-yeh,you still got so many coins ah? Can you slow abit huh? Hahaha!

    You are right,when I come acrossed one good rare dates or erro coin,l am so excited like hitting a jackpot!Cheeeeeers!