Malaysia Numismatic Society
                            Authentication.Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.149.
The 149th Auction by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) will be held on Sunday,25th SEPTEMBER.2011

No   QTY     Description

51.    1      Malaysia 5 Cents 1967 Error-edge clipped.
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM30.                Realised Price: RM40.

52.    1      Malaysia 5 Cents 1968 Error-edge clipped.
                 Grade: AU. Reserve Price:RM20.                 Realised Price: RM20.

53.    1      Malaysia RM1 1971
                 Grade: BU. Reserve Price:RM20.                Realised Price: RM20.

54.    1      Straits Settlements 5 Cent 1910
                 Grade: EF. Reserve Price:RM100.
55.    1      Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1920
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM80.               Realised Price: RM80.

56.    1      Straits Settlements 10 Cent 1926
                 Grade: GEF. Reserve Price:RM25.

57.    1      Straits Settlements 20 Cent 1926                
                 Grade: VF. Reserve Price:RM40.

58.    1      Straits Settlements 5 Cent 1935                
                 Grade: GEF. Reserve Price:RM20.

59.    1      Malaysia 1 Cent 1976 Copper Planchet.
                 Grade: BU. Reserve Price:RM1,000.


Realised Price: RM3600.
 60.    1      British North Borneo 1 Cent 1935H
                 Grade: EF. Reserve Price:RM40.

61.    1      British North Borneo 1 Cent 1938H
                 Grade: GEF. Reserve Price:RM60.

62.    3      Malaya 1 Cent, 5 Cents & 10 Cents 1941
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM200.         Realised Price: RM200.

63.    1      Straits Settlements $1 1935
                 Grade: AEF. Reserve Price:RM500.

64.    1      Malaysia 4th Series RM1 P/56 899998 Aziz Taha's signature
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM60.                Realised Price: RM65.

65.    1      Malaysia 11th Series RM1 LX 8888888 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM400.            Realised Price: RM450.

66.    1      Malaysia 2nd Series RM5 A/58 594818 Ismail Ali's signature (light foxing)
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM80.
67.    2      Malaysia 6th Series RM5 NE 5594267/68 (with cross on flag-post) Jaffar Hussein's                  Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM70.            Realised Price: RM80.

68.    2      Malaysia 6th Series Replacments RM5 NZ 0590774/75 
                 (with silver thread & without cross on flag-post)
                 Jaffar Hussein's signature (tiny stain) 
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM230.

69.    1      Malaysia 10th Series Replacments RM50 ZA 5197739 Ali Abul Hassan's (centre)               
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM120.

70.    1      Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM50 ZB 7061003 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM200.

71.    1      Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM50 ZC 0206657 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature                 

                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM180.

72.    2      Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM50 ZD 0429862/63 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM300.

73.    1      Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM50 ZE 0108172 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM90.

74.    1      Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM50 ZF 0351845 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                 Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM80.

75.    1      Malaysia 2nd Series RM50 A/45 358426 Dr Ismail Ali's signature
                 Grade: GEF. Reserve Price:RM600.

To Be Continued...


  1. Nice SS 1920 1cent and wow, another 1976 1sen bronze. Guess these will be snatched up fast, haha :D

  2. I like the rm1 solid number lx8888888 ...nice info bro, as usual. keep it up!

  3. Helo bro.
    The one with pictures, yours ka? Only 74 lots this time?

  4. Dear Lunaticg,
    Raya okay?
    I am not in that picture,I am the one holding the camera!
    All together there will be 206 lots in this coming auction.hope to see you there,bring permaisuri alonglah!

  5. Hahahahaha....
    You're now the official MNS blogger. I personally think everyone in MNS is counting on you to blog about MNS activity, right? Good thing for Malaysian collectors and me. I don't need to write about MNS anymore.
    Will try my best to go to MNS auction but cannot promise that I will be there this time.