Malaysia Numismatic Society
                                            Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.149.
The 149th Auction by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) will be held on Sunday,25th SEPTEMBER.2011

No     QTY      Description
126.    1         Straits Settlements 20 Cents 1876H
                      Grade: GVF    Reserve Price:RM980.

127.    1         Straits Settlements 20 Cents 1885
                      Grade: F    Reserve Price:RM90.

128.    1         Straits Settlements 20 Cents 1901
                      Grade:VF    Reserve Price:RM45.

129.    1         Straits Settlements 50 Cents 1888,
                      Grade:VF    Reserve Price:RM480.

130.    1         Straits Settlements 50 Cents 1893 (cleaned),
                      Grade:AVF    Reserve Price:RM2200.

131.    1         Straits Settlements 50 Cents 1895,
                      Grade:VF    Reserve Price:RM1300.

132.    1         Malysia 1 Cent (Parliamat series) Error -
                      20% dig on reverse
                      Grade:GEF   Reserve Price:RM30.    Realised Price: RM40.

133.    1         Malaysia 1 Cent 1982 Error - 50% off-centre
                      Grade:GEF   Reserve Price:RM120.    Realised Price: RM160.

134.    1         Malaysia 5 Cents Error -
                      faint image of figure '5' on reverse
                      Grade:EF   Reserve Price:RM180.   

135.    1         Malaysia 5 Cents Error - struck on
                     10 Cents planchet & reverse blank with raised rim
                      Grade:AU  Reserve Price:RM180.       Realised Price: RM250.

136.    1         Malaysia 10 Cents 1976 Error - 20% off-center.
                      Grade:EF   Reserve Price:RM50.      Realised Price: RM60.

137.    1         Malaysia 10 Cents 1967 Error -
                      faint image of figure '10' on reverse
                      Grade:AEF   Reserve Price:RM180.

138.    1         Malaysia 10 Cents 1967 Error -
                      Obverse Blank.
                      Grade:AU   Reserve Price:RM80.      Realised Price: RM100.

139.    1         Malaysia 20 Cents 1982 Error - 20% off-center.
                      Grade:GEF   Reserve Price:RM30.        Realised Price: RM50.

140.    1         Malaysia 20 Cents 1982 Error - 10% off-center.
                      Grade:EF   Reserve Price:RM30.      Realised Price: RM30.

141.    1         Malaysia 20 Cents 1976 Error - 20% off-center.
                      Grade:GEF   Reserve Price:RM30.           Realised Price: RM90.

142.    1         Malaysia 20 Cents 1967 Error - About half the size.
                      Grade:GEF   Reserve Price:RM60.            Realised Price: RM100.

143.    1         Malaysia 20 Cents 1988 Error - 
                      Parliament House Inverted (die rotation error),
                      Grade:GEF   Reserve Price:RM350


To Be Continued...


  1. Wow, didn't realise rotated die could worth so much?
    Thanks a lot for putting them up for our viewing, Dickson :)

  2. Hi Mr.Dickson,
    depankanta juga sependapat dgn whycollect,begitu tinggi harga utk rotated die,harap2 utk siri bunga raya juga tinggi harganya..kalau Mr.Dickson berminat utk masukkan rotated die 180 darjah 1 sen dan 5 sen bunga raya,kita boleh nego..
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr.Dickson,semoga banyak lagi syiling2 error yg akan dilelong dipamirkan..TQVM

  3. Dear Whycollect,
    It stunned me when this was suggested by the consignor,a very veteran collector and famous author of our Malaysia,Singapore and Brunei coins and banknotes catalouge.
    It was also accepted by the authentication commitee.
    Good news to us!At least a new bench mark had set for the rare Die Rotation Error coins.

    But,sorry for the poor photography,it was done in the room in a rainy day.

  4. Dear depankanta,
    Saya rasa amat bersyukur kerana ini merupakan satu pengiktirafan yang penting dan bermakna kepada kami semua yang berlibat dalam koleksi error coins.
    Harga yang dicadangkan oleh consignor dan diterima oleh ahli jawatan kuasa authentication MNS telah memberi nafas dan nyawa yang baru kepada error coins yg amat lembab marketnya selama ini.Syabas!!
    Terima kasih atas kesudian depankanta untuk memberi peluang untuk saya memperolehi koleksi Die Rotation Errors depankanta,kedua-duanya saya sudah ada.
    Walau bagaimanapun jika keadaan kewangan mengizinkan,saya masih ingin mula kolek set Die Rotation Error yg kedua.terima kasih!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, thats really good news for all error coin collectors.
    Perseverance may help some of us to find these die rotation errors, haha.
    Surprisingly, we found these more easier to locate than off-center coins among the circulations coins.
    Hehe, thats a good benchmark and definitely a good starting point for better things to come.
    We always believe collectors should sometimes be rewarded for their perseverance.
    Otherwise, they may feel frustrated and gave up the hobby totally.
    Haha, everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work.
    Very happy to hear this piece of news.
    Thank you very much, Dickson :)

  6. Hi Dickson,
    With regard to item no. 134 and 137, i.e. coins having faint image on one side.
    Are these coins weighing slightly lighter than the normal coins of the same types?
    We have one which is lighter than the normal.
    Thanks alot, Dickson :)

  7. Dear whycollect,
    Both should be the Split Planchet After Strike Error coins.As I was not authorise to ammend the original text from the consignor so I can only post as what was described in the MNS Auction 149 list.
    It should be lighter.

  8. Hi Dickson,
    Ya, we were thinking that they should belong to the category that you've mentioned too.
    In fact, after looking at the exhibits here, we went into your previous postings on split planchets and found out they shared similar characteristics.
    Just that the striations in the exhibits here don't look as severe as those in your previous postings.
    Thank you so much, Dickson :)

  9. Dear whycollect,
    Sorry,the lousy cameramen misleaded you with his low quality photos,I blamed the rainy day!!Haha!

  10. Hi Dickson,
    Please don't mention again.
    Guess not many are willing to take all the trouble doing these FOC things for us, haha.
    So, whatever you have done, we just want to let you know we appreciated your kind deeds a lot.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)