Malaysia Numismatic Society
                                            Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.149.
The 149th Auction by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) will be held on Sunday,25th SEPTEMBER.2011

No     QTY      Description
144.    1         Malaysia 50 Cents 1969.
                      Grade: GVF    Reserve Price:RM48. 
                      Realised Price: RM48.

145.    1         Johor Katun (Cash) SS37 in Arabic "Malik Al Adil",
                      Grade: F    Reserve Price:RM60.
                       Realised Price: RM60.

146.    1         Kelantan 10 Keping AH 1321 (1904) SS21.
                      Grade: EF    Reserve Price:R150.

147.    1         Sarawak 1 Cent.1920.
                      Grade: EF    Reserve Price:RM70.

148.    2        Malaysia 2nd Series  RM5  A/49 114994/95
                     Ismail Ali's signature,(Light stain at bottom right border) 
                     Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM200.

 149.    1       Malaysia 2nd Series  RM5  A/55 160721,
                     Ismail Ali's signature,(Light foxing) 
                     Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM100.

 150.    1       Malaysia 2nd Series  Replacement RM10  Z/3 856484.
                     Ismail Ali's signature,(Light foxing) 
                     Grade:  GEF.  Reserve Price:RM350.           Realised Price: RM350.

 151.    1       Malaysia 2nd Series  RM100  A/9 116267.
                     Ismail Ali's signature
                     Grade:  EF.  Reserve Price:RM850. 

 152.    1       Malaysia 3rd Series  RM1  F/82 758585.
                     Ismail Ali's signature.(Spot stain at top left border)
                     Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM20.       Realised Price: RM20.

 153.    1        Malaysia 3rd Series RM1  G/1 297766
                     Ismail Ali's signature.(Light foxing on reverse)
                    Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM35.             Realised Price: RM35.

154.    1        Malaysia 3rd Series  RM50 A/96 575644
                     Ismail Ali's signature.
                    Grade:  GEF.  Reserve Price:RM300. 

 155.    2       Malaysia 3rd Series  RM50  B/3 072232/33
                    Ismail Ali's signature.(Light foxing & clip mark at top left)
                    Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM1000.            Realised Price: RM1000.

156.    1        Malaysia 3rd Series  RM100  A/23 457991.
                     Ismail Ali's signature.
                    Grade:  GEF.  Reserve Price:RM800.           Realised Price: RM800.

157.    1        Malaysia 4th Series  RM1  P/51 479006.
                     Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM25.

158.    1        Malaysia 4th Series  RM1  P/59 949306.
                     Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  AU.  Reserve Price:RM15.

159.    1        Malaysia 4th Series  RM1  Q/1 475351.
                     Aziz Taha's signature.(Foxing)
                    Grade:  AU.  Reserve Price:RM25.               Realised Price: RM25.

160.    1        Malaysia 5th Series  RM100  ZA 4834510.
                     Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  AU.  Reserve Price:RM170.          Realised Price: RM190.

161.    1        Malaysia 5th Series  RM100  ZA 7109821.
                     Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade: AU.  Reserve Price:RM170.           Realised Price: RM190.

162.    1        Malaysia 5th Series  RM100 ZC 2682620.
                     Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade: EF.  Reserve Price:RM150.             Realised Price: RM150.

163.    1        Malaysia 6th Series  RM100 ZT 6691777.
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature.United States Banknote.
                    (Stain on left & right borders)
                    Grade: GEF.  Reserve Price:RM140.

164.    1        Malaysia 6th Series  RM100 ZV 5411547.
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature.United States Banknote.
                    Grade: AEF.  Reserve Price:RM150.

 165.    1        Malaysia 6th Series  RM100 ZW 8911348.
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature.United States Banknote.
                     Grade: EF.  Reserve Price:RM150.

166.    2        Malaysia 6th & 7th Series  RM100 AG 0060612.
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature.(AU).
                     AG 3108243 Ahmad Don's signature.(GVF-stains)
                     Both by Thomas De La Rue.
                     Reserve Price:RM250.

167.    1        Malaysia 7th Series Replacement RM100 ZU 0450407.
                     Ahmad Don's signature.
                     Thomas De La Rue.(stains)
                     Grade: GVF.  Reserve Price:RM130.

168.    1       Malaysia 2nd Series  Replacement RM10  Z/1 600018.
                    Ismail Ali's signature
                    Grade:  VF.  Reserve Price:RM150.          Realised Price: RM500.

169.    1       Malaysia 2nd Series  RM100  A/6 729387.
                    Ismail Ali's signature
                    Grade:  EF.  Reserve Price:RM850. 

170.    1        Malaysia 3rd Series  RM100  A/17  346594.
                     Ismail Ali's signature.
                     Grade:  EF.  Reserve Price:RM700. 

171.    1        Malaysia 3rd Series  RM1000  A/1 651136.
                     Ismail Ali's signature.
                     Grade:  AEF.  Reserve Price:RM6500.          Realised Price: RM8300.

172.    1       Malaysia 4th Series  Replacement RM10   X/1 184353.
                    Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  AU.  Reserve Price:RM300.         Realised Price: RM360.

173.    1       Malaysia 4th Series  RM50  B/70 381446.
                    Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  GEF.  Reserve Price:RM650.           Realised Price: RM650.

174.    1       Malaysia 4th Series  RM100  A/29 012111.
                    Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  GEF.  Reserve Price:RM2,000.            Realised Price: RM2000.

175.    1       Malaysia 5th Series  RM100  ZB 6428091.
                    Aziz Taha's signature.
                    Grade:  EF.  Reserve Price:RM170.


To Be Continued...(175/206)


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Happy to see these 50sen "Di-Bing" finally given some recognition, haha.
    Will be interesting to see how they will fare.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Yes,with the issuing of next and coming for circulation of 3rd Series Malaysia new coinage in 2012,likely the Parliment series (1967-1988) will be removed and discontinued soon,new and old collectors has wake up,and rushing to collect them.The fever even touched the earlier dates of Bunga Raya Series!
    Good news if you got them in UNC and BU conditions,their pricing are leap-jumping now.

  3. Hope they will surge faster than Usain Bolt.
    Haha, just joking.
    Seriously, its timely that Msian coins be given due recognition.
    We find quite a number of these coins are good candidates for any rotational play as their numbers are not too large, neither are they too small, and in a country where there's a growing young population.
    Thanks a lot for the info, Dickson :)

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Even though it was a single transaction for a '69 50sen coin, the successful bid seemed to show good prospect for these coins.
    Probably would have fared better if not because the day of the auction coincided with the extremely turbulent global economic developments.
    Seeing the overall results of the auction made us felt confident in our collections going forward.
    Thanks a lot for the important updates, Dickson :)