Malaysia Numismatic Society
                                            Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.149.

The 149th Auction by the Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) will be held on Sunday,25th SEPTEMBER.2011

No     QTY      Description

176.    1       Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZX 3844680
                    Jaffar Hussein's signature, United States Banknote
                    Grade: GEF    Reserve Price:RM150.

177.    1       Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZY 9985472
                    Jaffar Hussein's signature, Thomas De La Rue
                    Grade: GEF    Reserve Price:RM180.

178.    1       Malaysia 8th Series Replacement RM50 ZA 0371702
                    Ahmad Don's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM120.

179.    1       Malaysia 8th Series Replacement RM100 ZA 0015544
                    Ahmad Don's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM300.            Realised Price: RM350.

180.    1       Malaysia 9th Series RM50 BH 9012485
                    Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM400.

181.    1       Malaysia 9th Series RM100 BJ 2037606
                    Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM500.       Realised Price: RM500.

182.    1       Malaysia 9th Series Replacement RM100 ZA 0262382
                    Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM220.

183.    1       Malaysia 8th Series RM2 AA 0000000
                    Ahmad Don's signature, paper weight issued by
                    Bank Negara Malaysia in original box with cover
                    Grade: -  Reserve Price:RM900.           Realised Price: RM950.

184.    1       Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZT 3868934
                    Jaffar Hussein's signature, Thomas De La Rue
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM380.                 Realised Price: RM460.

185.    1       Malaysia 6th Series Replacement RM5 NZ 0590763
                    (with silver thread & witout cross on flag-post)
                    Jaffar Hussein's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM100.

186.    2       Malaysia 6th Series RM5 NE 8817688 & NK 4130404
                    both with Jaffar Hussien's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM150.

187.    2       Malaysia 6th  Series RM5 NY 1579123 & PA 5565121
                    (stain spot on  reverse)
                    both with Jaffar Hussien's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM120.           Realised Price: RM120.

188.    3       Malaysia 8th Series Replacements RM2 ZA 1069198,
                    RM10 ZA 0057740 & RM50 0884715
                    Ahmad Don's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM250.

189.    2       Malaysia 11th Series RM1 PF 7778777 & RM10 HM 1133311.
                    Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM75.    Realised Price: RM80.

190.    2       Malaysia 11th Series RM1 RH0660660 & 6200026.
                    Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM40.           Realised Price: RM40.

191.    1       Japanese Invasion Money (Malaya)$5 MD (Water stains on right)
                    Grade: UNC  Reserve Price:RM30.          Realised Price: RM45.

192.    1       Book: The collector's Handbook 2009 edition,
                    By James L Halperin & Gregory J Rohan (hand signed by James)
                    New.   Reserve Price:RM40.

193.    1       Malaysia  10th Anniversary of BNM RM 1 1969
                   (Slight toned on reverse) 
                   PROOF    Reserve Price:RM1000.      Realised Price: RM1000.

194.    1      Singapore 1 cent,5 cents,10 cents,20 cents,50 cents & $1.00 1975.
                   PROOF    Reserve Price:RM180.         Realised Price: RM180.

195.    1      Brunei 20th Year of Coronation $20 1988.
                   PROOF    Reserve Price:RM220.

196.    3      Malaya 1 Cents,5 Cents & 10 Cents  1941
                   (light stain on reverse of 10 Cents)
                   Grade: UNC    Reserve Price:RM120.           Realised Price: RM120.

197.    1      Malaya 20 Cents  (variety 'a')  1941 (ageing corner)
                   Grade: UNC    Reserve Price:RM260.           Realised Price: RM260.

198.    1       Malaya 20 Cents  (variety 'b')  1941
                   Grade: AU    Reserve Price:RM420.           Realised Price: RM420.

199.   98      Malaysia  3rd Series RM1 L/69 610102/99
                    Ismail Ali's Signature.
                    Grade: UNC    Reserve Price:RM1300.            Realised Price: RM1300.

200.   2      Malaysia  1st Series RM5  A/45 924851/52
                  Ismail Ali's Signature. (foxing)
                  Grade: UNC    Reserve Price:RM300.         Realised Price: RM420.

201.   2      Malaysia  2nd Series RM5  A/55 223517/18
                  Ismail Ali's Signature.
                  Grade: UNC    Reserve Price:RM240.

202.   1      Malaya  & British Borneo  $5 1953 A/29 642543 (foxing)
                  Grade: AEF    Reserve Price:RM500. 

203.   1      Malaya  $10 1941 F/55 009663 (washed)
                  Grade: GVF    Reserve Price:RM300.

204.   1      Malaya  $10 1941 H/20 065698
                  Grade: VF    Reserve Price:RM400.    

205.   1      Malaysia  10 Series RM10  Error -Without serial numbers.
                  Ali Abul Hassan's (centre signature).
                  Grade: UNC   Reserve Price:RM1000.        Realised Price: RM1000.

206.   1      Malaysia  1st Series RM50  A/11 921231
                  Ismail Ali's Signature.(pressed)
                  Grade: EF    Reserve Price:RM700.


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  1. Hi Dickson,
    The '78 20sen is very appealing, haha.
    Thanks for making this viewing available for us :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    I have tried my very best to take photo on most of the consignments,but with some limitation, some photos are not available.Sorry!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Please don't mention.
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