Malaysia Penang Amateur Athletic Association Silver Medallion.

Malaysia Penang Athletic
Silver Medallion.Obverse.
Malaysia Penang Athletic
Silver Medallion.Reverse.
This a Penang Amateur Athletic Association Silver Medallion which looked quite similar to a piece of medallion posted by whycollect.
I was told by the owner of this silver medallion,he has been keeping it for many years.Believed to be in 1930's medallion.

Metal:       Sterling Silver.
Weight:     58.68 gm
Thickness: 4.00mm
Diameter :  45.00mm

Plain Edge.Obverse.
Plain Edge.Reverse.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, nice specimen indeed.
    Haha, we are not sure ours is made of sterling silver or not but yours here certainly is.
    We have a feeling these old medallions will one day be rather expensive considering their rarity and when interest in exonumia picks up.
    Most of the quoted prices for old medallions mentioned in our local catalogues are on the high side.
    Furthermore, we like them because of the usually high raised device on most medallions which gave them a sort of 3-D look.
    Probably this could be done because they are not meant for circulation unlike numismatic coins.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)