Malaysia Numismatic Society
Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.150.                                        
The 150th Auction by the
Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS)
will be held on Sunday,18th DECEMBER.2011

No   QTY     Description
81.      1      Book - The Currency Legacy, A Guide to Bank Negara Malaysia's Collection, 
                   Published byBNM in 1987
                   Grade: NEW.   Reserve Price: RM25.  Realised Price:RM100
82.      1      Book - Malaysia Numismatic Society 21st Anniversary SAGA 1968 - 1989
                   Published by MNS in 1989
                   Grade: NEW.   Reserve Price:RM30.  Realised Price:RM110
83.     1       Book - Standard Catalogue of Coins & Banknotes of Malaysia,
                   Singapore & Brunei 1700 - 1976, Published by MNS in 1976 
                   Grade: NEW. Reserve Price:RM200.

84.      1      Book - Paper Currencies of The Straits Settlement, Malaya,
                   British North Borneo, Sarawak & Brunei,
                   The Collection of Dr Chan Chin Cheung,
                   Published by Taisei Stamps & Coins (S) Pte ltd in 1991
                   Grade: NEW.  Reserve Price:RM400.  Realised Price:RM400
85.      1      Malaysia, Pameran Matawang Perdagangan Kepualauan Melayu
                   (Exhibition of Trade Currency  of The Malay Archipelago)
                   Token 1995 (in capsule) together with book
                   published by Bank Negara Malaysia 
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM30.  Realised Price:RM30
86.      1      Malaysia 1st Series RM1000 A/1 039461 
                   Ismail Ali's signature,
                   Bradbury Wilkinson (pressed) 
                       Grade: EF.  Reserve Price:RM25,000.  

 87.      1      Malaysia 7th Series RM1000 ZA0783294 Ahmad Don's signature,
                   Giesecke & Deirent 
                   Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM2800.  Realised Price:RM2,800      

88.      3      Malaysia 12th Series RM50 AE9999994, AF0000006 & AF9999994
                   all with Dr Zeti Aziz's  signature 
                   Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM1800.   
89.     1       Malaysia 5th Series replacement RM50 WA0587416 Aziz Taha's signature
                   Thomas De La Rue
                   Grade:  GEF. Reserve Price:RM1400

90.     1       Malaysia 5th Series RM500 ZV0374006 Aziz Taha's signature,
                   Bradbury Wilkinson (pressed)
                   Grade:  AU.  Reserve Price:RM2300.  

91.     3       Malaysia 5th Series RM100 ZB2313887/89 Aziz Taha's signature,
                   Thomas De La Rue (paper split '887')
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM1300.

92.     2       Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZT3470037 Thomas De La Rue,
                   ZT5716787 United States Banknote,
                   Both with Jaffar Hussein's signature
                   Grade: UNC   Reserve Price:RM750.  Realised Price:RM750

93.     1       Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM50 ZA0000619
                   Dr Zeti Aziz's signature 
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM600.

94.      1      Malaysia & British Borneo $5 1953 A/31 865117 (pressed)
                   Grade: AU.  Reserve Price:RM900.  

95.      1      Malaysia 6th Series RM5 NK0511978 (without silver thread)
                   Jaffar Hussien's signature, Thomas De La Rue
                   (2 stain spots on reverse)
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM800.  

96.      10    Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM50 ZD0089300/09
                   Dr Zeti Aziz's signature
                  (minor shift of right jawi letters on reverse)
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM1300.  

97.      2      Malaysia 7th Series RM50 AB6886097/98 -
                   (AU) Ahamad Don's signature, Francois Charles
                   Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM750.  Realised Price:RM750      

98.      20    Malaysia 6th Series RM5 NR4488941/50 (with cross on flag post)
                   & NR5671941/50 (without cross on flag post)
                   Jaffar Hussien's signature(last 3 digits matching)
                   Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM900. 
99.      1      Malaysia 12th Series RM50 AA0013900
                   Dr Zeti Aziz's signature (with 50th Anniversary Logo & folder)
                   Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM550.

100.    1      Malaysia 12th Series RM50 AA0013899
                   Dr Zeti Aziz's signature (with 50th Anniversary Logo & folder)
                   Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:R550

To Be Continued .....      


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