Malaysia Numismatic Society
Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.150.                                        
The 150th Auction by the 
Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS) 
will be held on Sunday,18th DECEMBER.2011

No       QTY   Description
181.      1       Malaysia 2nd Series Replacement RM10
                      Z/2 742135 Ismail Ali's signature, Thomas
                      De La Rue.
                      Grade: UNC.   Reserve Price: RM800.  Realised Price:RM1,200
182.      1       Malaysia  2nd Series Replacements RM10
                      Z/3 268061 Ismail Ali's signature, Thomas Grade: GEF.
                      De La Rue.
                      Reserve Price:RM500.  Realised Price:RM500
183.      1       Malaysia 6th Series Replacements RM20
                      UZ0031517 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                      Thomas De La Rue.
                      Grade: UNC. Reserve Price:RM450.  Realised Price:RM550

184.      1       Malaysia 6th Series Replacements RM50 
                      WA1152089 Jaffar Hussein's signature, Thomas
                      De La Rue.
                      Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM100.  Realised Price:RM500
185.      1       Malaysia 6th Series Replacements RM50
                      WA3299581 Ahmad Don's signature, Thomas
                      De La Rue. 
                      Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM550
186.      2       Malaysia 8th Series Replacements RM50 
                      ZA0558228/39 Ahmad Don's signature.
                      Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM210.  Realised Price:RM230  

187.      2      Malaysia $1 1941 G/32 093181/82.
                     Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM210.       

188.      1      Malaya & British Borneo $5 1953 A/14 
                     Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM1,500.  Realised Price:RM1,500   

189.      1      Malaya & British Borneo $10 1953 A/34
                     Grade:  GEF. Reserve Price:RM1,000
190.     1       Malaya & British Borneo $10 1953 A/53
                     Grade:  EF.  Reserve Price:RM700.  
191.     2       Malaya& British Borneo $1 1959 A/7
                     655378/79 Waterlow & Sons (digits '79' -
                     1 light counting mark at top right corner).
                     Grade: AU - UNC.  Reserve Price:RM850.

192.      2      Malaya & British Borneo $1 1959 B/59
                     547403/04 Thomas De La Rue.
                     Grade: GEF   Reserve Price:RM300.

193.      2      Malaysia 1st Series RM5 A/1 304074 (GVF)
                     & A/3 967274 (AEF) Ismail Ali's signature,
                     Bradbury Wilkinson.                  
                     Grade: GVF - AEF.  Reserve Price:RM200.  Realised Price:RM220

194.      1      Malaysia 2nd Series RM10 B/85 546422 (first
                     prefix no) Ismail Ali's signature, Thomas De La
                     Rue (counting mark at top left).
                     Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM380.  Realised Price:RM400  
195.      2      Malaysia 9th Series Replacement RM10 
                     ZA0202973/74 Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature.
                     Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM400.  Realised Price:RM600  

196.      1      Malaysia 6th Series Error RM10 SC8387901.
                     (left prefix & serial nos shifted about 5mm)
                     Jaffar Hussein's signature, Thomas De La Rue.
                    Grade: GVF.  Reserve Price:RM280.  

197.      4     Malaysia 10th Series RM50 CF8111118 Ali Abul 
                    Hassan's (centre) signature & 11th Series RM1
                    JV8111118 Dr Zeti  Aziz's signature (matching radar
                    nos), 10th Series RM10 BX1313131 Ali Abul Hassan's
                    (centre) signature & 11th Series  RM10 HN1313131
                    Dr Zeti Aziz's signature (matching repeater nos).
                    Grade: UNC.  Reserve Price:RM330

198.      1     Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM100 ZD0110900
                    Dr Zeti Aziz's signature.
                    Grade:  UNC. Reserve Price:RM240 

199      1      Malaysia 11th Series RM1 QJ0500050, PT5999995 &
                    RG5444444 all with Dr Zeti Aziz's signature.
                    Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM70.

200      2      Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM1 ZC0863388
                    & ZAB 0594242 both with Dr Zeti Aziz's signature.
                    Grade:  UNC.  Reserve Price:RM25.
  Realised Price:RM30              

To Be Continued .....      

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