Mr.Saran Singh And Mr.Choo C.L.
"Standard Catalog Of Coins And Banknotes Of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei" By Saran Singh.

This book travelled round the world and returned to its place of origin after 35 years.
On  Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:06 PM, I received this email:
Hi Dickson,
Congratulation on the opening of the Dickson Niew Collection Corner.
I bought a copy of the above from a used bookstore in Canada.   Written on the back of the front page " Reviewed(or received) from Saran S personal copy Nov 15, 1976". See pictures attached.
Wonder it is the same book shown in the picture in your blog. http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2011/07/saran-singh-numismatist-author-ii.html . Saran S met Remick in Quebec in Now 1976.
It has the signatures of the 3 co-author Mohd Kassim, C. C. Low and Tony Lye as well as the Jerry Remick. The only signature missing is Saran singh. Wonder why the book has the 3 co-author signatures but not Saran Singh? Only Saran S. can answer the question.

Datuk Mohd Kassim.
Mr.C. C. Low
Mr.Tony Lye.
My replied :
 On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 10:55 PM, Dickson Niew <dniew33@streamyx.com> wrote:
Dear Choo, 
Thank you!
Yes,it is the same book!
You asked me  why only signature missing is Saran Singh?
Only Saran Singh can answer your question.
He visited my Dickson Niew Collection Corner this afternoon, he will visit me again in very near future,I promised to check it out with him,just for you!
Thank you for visiting my Blog.
Happy Niewmismatic!
Best regards,
Dickson Niew

Mr Choo said:
Thanks, Dickson,

The book travelled round the world and returned to its place of origin after 35 years. I hope to meet up with Saran S. one day and show him the book. It may bring back old memories for him.


 I called Mr Saran Singh for the appointment,he did his lever best to be free for this special meeting.
The meeting of  putting Mr Saran Singh signature on the book was arranged on 07-12-2011 at Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya.
Mr Saran Singh was very excited when he holds the book.He said  never cross his mind that he can be still alive to hold this book after 35 years parted with it. He personally presented this book to Jerry Remick in 1976 minus  his signature.
Mr Choo said the book was purchased from:http://www.abebooks.com for C$20.00 on 2 July 2011.
Memorable Moment.1.30pm.07-12-2011.
Mission Impossible Completed.
After a simple but historical and memorable moment of Mr Saran Singh putting his signature on the book,we went for lunch.
They were  really enjoy both the discussion and the lunch.
My mission completed.


  1. Hi Dickson,

    Many thanks to you for arranging the meeting and publishing the article on your blog.

    I like to thank Saran Singh for autographing the book and providing me with a picture of the handover of the book to Jerry Remick and a photocopy of Canadian Coin News, dated 17 January 1977 by Jerry Remick on his review of the book

    This book is very special. It has a well-documented history. Very seldom can we trace the history and the past owners of a book. All this documents now form part of the book.

    With the complete signatures of the 4 co-authors and renowned numismatics Jerry Remick, this book is now highly collectible.


  2. That will be a real collector item. A complete signature of all the author. Mr. Choo is a real internet antique hunter.

  3. Hi choo,
    Like Mission Impossible 3! I personally feel very glad!

  4. Hi Lunaticg,
    Is sure a collectable item.Was a Guru Saran Singh's personal copy.Although now it is not with him but is very near to him,just few kilometers away!Haha!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, what a historical piece of numismatic item.
    A gathering of all the great numismatists immortalized in a great book.
    Reminds us of those chinese paintings by great artists, having their best masterpieces commended by other great artists.
    This book should go down as a part of our numismatic heritage.
    Thanks Dickson :)

  6. Hi Whycollect,
    Today,I met Mr.Choo at Amcorp Mall,we still talked and recalled the great moment happened yesterday.I do agreed that this book should go down as a part of our numismatic heritage.