Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum Souvenir Token With Die Cap Errors.


This token blank was  stuck to the hammer die (the die which moves the most and is not below the collar) that has received numberless strikes and is spreading enough to creep up the sides of the hammer die.

2002 BNM Money Museum Souvenir Token. Die Cap Errors. Obverse.
2002 BNM Money Museum Souvenir Token
Top View. Obverse.
2002 BNM Money Museun Souvenir Token
Side View. Plain Edge.
2002 BNM Money Museum Souvenir
Isometric View. Obverse.
This often resembles a bottle cap (and sometimes referred to as such) or a Thimble Error Coin.

Bottom View. Reverse.
The image of a normally struck token appears on the inside bottom while usually nothing clear appears on the outside bottom.

Material: Aluminium.
Weight: 3.94gm
Diameter: 25.46mm.
Thickness: 13.20mm


  1. tumpang lalu Tuan.
    saya ingatkan cawan untuk 'TEH CINA'


  2. Hi Dickson,
    Just wondering whether errors of such extremities ever escaped the scrutiny of the mint's QC dept before?
    If it did, then it is more fantastic than the Fantastic Four, haha.
    Nice article, Dickson :)

  3. Hi @Sme68PG.
    Saya simpan khas untuk isi sambal belacan !

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  5. Hi whycollect,
    These tokens were minted in BNM Money Museum, it was opened to public,no need to walk through the metal detector machine.

    Of course I had seen more X'treme pieces out there!

  6. Tahniah Tuan,
    memang cantik dan luarbiasa coin error ini , terasa juga ingin memiliki untuk koleksi saya, Diharap tuan teruskan memaparkan coin coin error untuk tatapan kami semua.

  7. Dato Sharuddin bin Yusof DIMP,AMP ,

    Dato,'Gadis Manis" ini masih kepunyaan orang,belum dimiliki saya lagi !

    Harap-harap dapat buat 'hantaran' dan memetik "Bunga Rose" ini dari taman kawan saya! Haha!