Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2006 20 Cents Coin With Double Clip Errors.

Rarity: RRR

This a 2006 20 cents Bunga Raya Series with Double Curved Clips. This is a nice UNC example with a large curved clip at about 12:00 o'clock accompanied by a smaller curved clip at about 2:00 o'clock. The "Blakesley Effect," is light but clearly present opposite both clips and authenticates them as genuine.

2006 20 Cents Obverse

The the term "Curved Clip" is actually a popular misnomer that error collectors tend to accept in describing a general class of planchet error that originates with a blank that was produced with an incomplete area of metal at its edge. The error occurs when a blank is punched from out of an area of strip that overlaps a hole (or holes) from where a blank was previously punched out.

2006 20 Cents Reverse

Owning a few genuine clips and studying them with a good magnifying glass is by far the best method of learning what to look for as the diagnostics described in this article can’t be readily seen without higher magnification. I recommend your first purchases be made from a dealer knowledgeable in the area of errors so that you get a good start. Good luck finding some good errors! They are out there!


  1. Hi Dickson,
    We have never been lucky enough to find one of these among the circulation coins through out the years, haha.
    What's more, these coins will eventually be phased out.
    Good find indeed.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    This was another piece that was rejected by the coin counting machine.I loved the UNC in condition.