State Of Art On Counterfeit Coins.

Within past three days, I received more customers visited my shop "The Dickson Niew Collection Corner" at Subang Jaya seeking my help to authenticate their Pillar Dollars,Trade Dollars and Chinese Silver Dollars. I think these must be the "after effect" from the news published in some local news papers  two weeks ago, followed by the article "Stupid collector want to be popular" posted on local popular Blog, the More details and updates were posted in his following post "Expert view on Vtraque Vnum coin.

Today’s counterfeiters  are producing  much higher quality of counterfeit coins with state of art technology than the old days using cast slugs. I have seen some good pieces had fooled reputable dealers in town. Like the Queen Elizabeth II and Malaysia Parliament Series 50 Cents milled edge,Straits Settlements Silver Dollars, Mexico Trade Dollars and China Dragon Silver Dollars.

Among my visitors was En Sabri, the Kota Bahru, Kelantanese collector who claimed that he had the very expensive US silver trade dollars with total value worth for few hundred thousand  US dollars. He was the men on the local news paper couple of days ago.He came all the way from Kota Bahru to my shop yesterday with his collections.He has a genuine Pillar Dollar with a portrait crafted on the obverse of the coin; one piece of  fake Pillar Dollar with floral edge,a piece of fake US trade dollar, two pieces Duit Azimat (Fantasy Coin) and some counterfeit tin coins.

I took the opportunity to share with  him How To Detect Counterfeit Pillar Dollars and How To detect Counterfeit US Trade Dollars. 

I hope he had learned some basic skills of how to detect counterfeits so that he can checks the authenticity of a coin by him self in future.


  1. I was suprised to read your artikel above that there exist "Malaysia Parliament Series 50 Cents milled edge". Is this true? How to spot a fake ME?

  2. I will so not want to be that feller with RM16M coin...
    who arrogantly show of his coin which only worth around RM16.00...
    I bet half of his collection is a rip off

  3. Hi Shahrul,
    Thank you for dropping by.To answer your question of "How to spot a fake ME?" Please visit my post :