History of The First Brunei Copper Coin.

"Duit Bintang"(Star Cash)

Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin  was the 26th Sultan of Brunei. He ruled Brunei from 1885 to 1906, and he issued the first copper coin for Brunei bearing the denomination 1 Cent and the Arabic date 1304 A.H. (1887).These coins were minted in the mint of Ralph Heaton and Sons,Birmingham, England..This was a major change from previous Brunei coins which were all minted from tin. The design of the coin featured a five-pointed star, prompting these coins to become better known as "Duit Bintang"(Star Cash).It's diameter was 29.00mm.

"Duit Bintang"(Star Cash)
"Duit Bintang"(Star Cash)

Most examples of this coin seen today are normally in worn condition. This is because of the coin's metal composition. These coins were struck in pure copper instead of bronze, a mixture of copper and tin. These copper coins were much softer compared with other coins being used in Brunei at the time. Birmingham minted one million of these coins. But the Sultan's decree in 1906 demonetized the British and Mexican Dollars and the nickel coinage of North Borneo, with which Brunei was flooded, to make the Straits Settlements dollar the only legal tender, effectively banning all other coins, including the Sultan's own duit bintang. The duit bintang was the last coin officially produced by the Sultans of Brunei. The next modern coin was that produced in 1967 by Sultan Haji Omar 'Ali Saifuddien the 28th Sultan in Brunei.
Source: Sara and Saran Singh

"Duit Bintang"(Star Cash)
"Duit Bintang"(Star Cash)

Country : Brunei Year : 1304 (1887) Calendar : Islamic
Value : 1 Cent (0.01)
Composition : Copper
Weight : 9.33 g
Diameter : 28.83 mm
Shape : Round
Demonetized : yes
Obverse : Five pointed Star within a radially pointed circle,around which is the Jawi inscriptions "Belanja Perentah Brunei Satu Sen sanat 1304"Lettering : ١٣٥٤
Reverse : The figure '1' within a plain circle around which is the legend : "SULTANATE OF BRUNEI 1304"
Edge : Plain
Mintage: 1,000,000 pieces.


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