China Gold Dragon Coin In Miniature Size

In the early seventies, they was a conglomerate making and dublicates world top 10 gold coins into miniature size for coins lover collectors.

I was lucky to inherit one of the China most scarce Ching Dynasty one tael gold dragon coin but in miniaturized size.

This coin had different shades of gold from a soft yellow to a dazzling bright gold,with crisp and outstanding clear strikes on both sides of coin.

Coin size:


  1. Dear Sifu,

    Today i found a 50 cent coin year 2010. I checked everything is okey except for the lettering "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" is very very small compare to normal 50 cent coin.

    I need your help,

    1. Recently i purchased alot of foreign coins. Some have sticky type substance on it surface (maybe gum leftover from cellotape), how do i clean the coins?

    2. What is the best solution to keep the coins. Is it safe to keep the coins in a sealed Paper Coin Holder?


  2. Dear sifu,

    About the 50 cent coin year 2010 the sentence "very very visible" should read barely visible. Sorry.

  3. Seri Bahasa,
    The lettering "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" is very small and barely visible compare to normal 50 cent coin is just because of die varieties,mostly happened to year 2011.

    Sticky type substance on copper nickel coins surface may use pure spirit to remove.No-no on copper coins.

    Always keep in paper coin holder and change it once every 4/5 years. Adhesive coin holders are not encourage because the acid from the adhesive glue may cause damage to the coin,especially on the copper planchet.

  4. Any idea how much is this miniature gold coin worth today?

  5. Hi SoLiD,
    I bought it for S$120 when I was in Singapore last October.

  6. I got 6 of those which I bought 7 years back but I must have missed out this China Miniature Gold Coin. I have with me St. Gaudens, Victoria Veiled Head, Victoria Jubilee Head, King Edward VII, Old Japan 20 YEN & Italy Umberto I. Any idea which 3 left I need to complete this miniature collection?