Malaysia 11th Series 2000 RM1 ZC Replacement Note 60-IN-1 Uncut.


Today, I received a visit from the the President and founder of Kelab Warisan Numismatik Jengkal Kuantan Pahang, Dato' Haji Sharudin Bin Hj. Yusof, DIMP.,AMP.. He brought along his best collection of Malaysia banknote, the Malaysia 11th series 2000 RM1 Signed  by Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Zeti Aziz Akhtar Aziz. Prefix: ZC replacement note in 60-In-1 Uncut format.

I was told there were only two pieces known to exist. This is an unlisted item and no one has ever seen it before. It was also not listed in the new released book by KN Boon, the " A Complete Educational Reference World Paper & Polymer Uncut Banknote".

Now this  piece became the Galeri Sha Banknote collection and another piece seems to be in the collection of Mr.Giesecke in New Zealand. According to Dato' Haji Sharudin, he was told that this RM1 with ZC prefix was the first Malaysia banknote to be printed locally in Shah Alam Malaysia when the factory started its operation in 2003.

Today I am very glad Dato' Haji Sharudin Bin Hj. Yusof, DIMP.,AMP. purposely brought it to my Dickson Niew Collection Corner in Subang Jaya for me to take a good look at it.
I loved the prefix : ZC and its serial numbers: XXX8888. Thank you Dato'.


  1. Wow this is sure a rare thing..because never heard of it.. I thought only got 30-in-1 uncut format.. Congrats!

  2. can U tell us the serial no? for the first 2 pieces