Malaysia Counterfeits Coin 2005 50 Cents With Defective Planchet Errors

I just checked through another 5000 pieces of Malaysia first and second series 50 cents coins. An average of 2% are counterfeits. There are dated from year 1998 to 2009,but mostly are year 2005.

Among these counterfeit coins, I found one piece dated 2005 with defective planchet.

If we take a close look, its exhibits an embedded object into the planchet. It can be seen on both on the obverse as well the reverse.

As usual,it is a plated coin, a recycle brass planchet coated with stainless steel coating, weight is lighter (8.64gm) than the normal coin (9.33gm). Blurred on details.


  1. Sifu Dickson, i found a piece of this.. the details r really terrible. Forgery is really bringing a bad name to the numismatic society... cheers. Victor.