Malaysia Parliament Series 1976 5 Cents Uniface Strike Pair Coins.


Uniface Strike coins occur when there are two blank planchets feed in the minting press at the same time. The upper blank planchet will obstruct the upper (hammer) die and the lower planchet will prevent the bottom die from having that design struck on the coin.

This is a pair of coins dated 1976 5 cents Malaysia Parliament  Series with uniface strikes.


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  2. Hi ! Sifu ,

    I had similar type of coin but is not error , this coin i got it long long time ago or during my school time , and i found this coin from a hen's Stomach when my grandmother slaughter hen for dinner ...this coin "worn" both side during digestion process .....

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    you are right should called it "Chicken Coin" sure i will share the coin when i'm visiting your shop again .

    I kept it more than 25 years ,i'm collect "Chicken Coin" just for fun and both is 10 cents coin ,one is parliament series another one is Singapore sea horse.....

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