Kelantan Bull Or Kijang (Barking Deer) Kupang Gold Coins.
Between the 17th and the 18th Century a number of gold kupang coins were issued in Kelantan-Patani.As none of these gold kupang are dated, it is difficult to ascertain their actual period of issue. The gold kupang can be divided into three main types.

A- Arabic inscription on both sides.

B- Bull or Kijang (barking deer) type.- The earlier varieties depict a humped bull but gradually it came to resemble the Malaysian Kijang (barking deer).

C- Dinar Matahari/Flower type.These consist of a 4,6 or 8 petalled flower on the obverse. They were locally sometimes known as Dinar Matahari (sun coins). The petals probably represent the open lotus flower of the Buddhists and reflects Siamese influence.

The bull or King gold coins are the most common and from the numerous varieties encountered, they must have circulated over a very long period.The Dinar Matahari/Flower type coins are rare.

Bull or Kijang (Barking Deer) Gold Kupang
A humped bull/Kijang (Barking Deer) facing left with the tail raised ending in a flourish. A crescent moon above. A salivary flow from the mouth.

In Arabic " Malik Al Adil" (The Just Ruler). The inscription "Adil" ends in a flourish.
Edge: Plain.
Weight: 0.60gm (average)
Diameter: 9mm-10mm.
Composition: Gold.
Rarity: RRR
Code: SS52
Note: This is a very early type that rather difficult to obtain.

Source:Saran Singh Book: "The Encyclopaedia of The Coins Of Malaysia Singapore And Brunei 1400-1967


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