Paintings Of Famous Burma Artist Painter U Hla Han.

This painting was belonged to the Burma famous artist U Hla Han. I was told this painting was awarded by a Malay State ruler to Dato Maria Menado, a very famous actress.

Dato Maria Menado, born in Tunsia, Mabnahasa, Menado, Indonesia, now 82,the famous actress from Sulawesi, Indonesia whose real name was Liesbet Dotulong @ Maria Abdullah.

In 1957, Time magazine described her as 'the most beautiful woman in Malaya' while United Press International, a news organisation, referred to her as 'the most interesting woman in Southeast Asia."

No wonder this still feisty woman caught the eye of the then Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Abu Bakar Ri'ayatuddin who proposed and they married in 1963 when she was 30.

The artist : U Hla Han, artist painter from Burma Myanmar

U Hla Han was born in Sagain in 1941. He is self-taught in painting, but is one of the most respected artists in Burma today. He studied under masters such as U Than, Saya Sound and U Ba Zaw, and several young artists today look at him as their teacher.

His paintings are related to daily life in Burma, though they often tend to depict motives which are metaphors to be interpreted. U Hla Han has participated in more than 50 art exhibitions in Burma and has also taken part in shows in Malaysia (1991) and Singapore (1994).

These are some of his paintings.

 Artist: U Hla Han
Title: Cockfight Year: 1995 - 98
Technique: Oil on canvas Size: 90 x 120 cm
Note: Cockfighting has a long tradition in Burma, as in many of the other Asian countries. Cockfighting can also be seen as a symbol of a fight between two parties, where the white one symbolizes the good force and the red one the dark force.

Artist: U Hla Han
Title: Contrast Year: 1995 - 98
Technique: Oil on canvas Size: 90 x 120 cm
Price: US$ 1,200 (Sold)
Note: This painting shows a scene where children are playing with plastic tops. A circle is drawn by charcoal, and the red colour top is placed in the centre. The aim of the children is to strike the red top with the other tops. In Burma, the red one may be seen a foe whom the other players want to hit.

Artist: U Hla Han
Title: Light in Darkness
Year: 1999
Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 90 x 120 cm
Price: Not for sale


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