Made In China Modern Counterfeit Coins Of Queen Victoria And Sarawak Raja C.V. Brooke.
I received these batch of made in China Queen Victoria key dates silver coins from two of my regular customer. They told me they were being offered these free sample coins by a counterfeit coins producer when they were on a trip to visit a fair in Guangzhou.
These counterfeit coins were produced better in quality, one glance it looked like an original silver coin. These caveat emptor even artificially toned the coins to make them look aged.
 However, if you place them under magnifying glass, you will find these features:
1) The coins looked "fresh" old. The toning are "new". Rainbow toning looked like burning marks.
2) The details on the field are rough.
3) The fonts looked odd.
4) The weight of these coins are lighter.
5) The composition of the coins are not silver. There were made of alloyed metals.

 It is too easy and too lucky to have all key dates in one consignment, too good to be true.

A piece of counterfeit 1941H One Cent Sarawak copper coin was also available. A piece of original uncirculated 1941H One Cent Sarawak copper coin was listed with a recommended selling price of RM8000 in KN Boon 2014 new catalog. No wonder they want to do it.
So, please be very careful when you are being offer a rare coin with a "too good to be true" pricing. Good luck!


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