My Trip To Kelantan (16th To 18Th August 2014) In conjunction With The Coins Exhibition Of Museum Kelantan.(Day 3-C)
My trip to visit Kelantan for the "Coins Exhibition Of Museum Kelantan" on 16th to 18th of August 2014 was ended with an unbelievable but yet it is true and interesting incident happened on my way back to Kuala Lumpur.

I checked out from the Dysnaty Inn Hotel at 3 o'clock. I was fined for RM30 as penalty because the check-out time suppose to be 12.00 noon. Mr. Selvam was waiting for me at the lobby of the hotel, because we are going to the airport together to catch our flight at 6.55pm.

After taking a short rest at the lobby, we asked the hotel receptionist to help us to call a taxi taking us to the airport. When the taxi arrived at the hotel within a short while, Mr.Selvam told me he was the same taxi driver who took him from the bus terminal to the hotel a day earlier. Mr. Selvam said he did had a shot chat with the Pak Cik  by telling him we were here because the Museum Kelantan is having the launching of the "Coins Exhibition Of Museum Kelantan" on the 18th of August.

After we got into his taxi, on the way to the airport he told me he did had some old banknotes. One of his collection is a 1941 Straits Settlements hundred dollar banknote. I was puzzled and told him that is no such banknote issue in 1941. He insisted that there is and if I am interested to buy, he will shows it to me when we arrive at the airport. I replied to him, "yes, I can take a look", but I was still not sure which banknote he was referring to.

Because I was brought by Mr. Poknik and Dato' Shahruddin to enjoy the Kelantan "Milo Tumpah" on the 17th morning, my throat was a bit stiffed. On the way to the airport, I  asked the taxi driver "Abang Latif" to find stall selling young coconut water. We managed to find one when we were almost reaching the airport.

While we were having the young coconut water at the stall, Abang Latiff went to his boot of his taxi, he removed my luggage and pulled out a black bag under the LPG tank. He took out a small pile of banknotes that were wrapped in plastic from his black bag. Instantly, I can recognized that there is a piece of King George the Sixth one hundred dollar note, issued in 1942. He proudly opened up the transparent plastic and handed over the hundred dollar note to me .

I corrected him by showing him the date of the issued on the note. He noted. It was still an original old banknote, although there were folds and some stains but the paper quality is still in very firm condition.

He again asked me whether I am interested to buy. I replied "Yes, I liked it". He told me someone has offer him a price but so far he has not come to pay him yet. If I can pay him the same offered price, he his willing to let me to have it. I agreed.

I had not enough of cash with me, I took a short loan from Mr. Selvam to pay him as part payment. The balance owing to Abang Latif was settled when we arrived at the airport and took more cash from the ATM machine.

It was a fruitful, meaningful, joyful and an amazing trip to me. I will visit you again Kelantan !

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