Malaysia 3rd Series (M3S) 50 Sen Coin Planchet.
Bank Negara Malaysia launched the 3rd Series issues of coins with new designs on 25th July 2011- i.e. 5 Sen, 10 Sen, 20 Sen and 50 Sen bearing the year date 2011 in a commemorative folder.

The theme on these coins is ‘distinctly Malaysia’ and feature motifs like the Jasmine and hibiscus flowers as well as the weaving patterns of the indigenous people. These coins are struck by Bank Negara Malaysia Mint in Malaysia.
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50 sen
Sulur Kacang
The 'sulur kacang' (pea tendrils) motif featured on the new 50 sen coin is popular among traditional woodcarvers and silversmiths. The motif is drawn from the graceful twists and curls of long bean vines, and can be seen embellishing fine jewellery pieces and boxes, in addition to decorating doorways, window frames and wood paneling in traditional wooden homes. Fine lines in the motif background are part of the security features.

Security Feature
Latent Image of the denomination 50 sen can be seen when the coin is tilted slightly.
Latent Image: "50"(Left) and "SEN" (Right).
Face Value: 50 sen
Alloy: Nickel Brass Clad Copper
Diameter (mm): 22.65
Weight (gram): 5.66

As coin minting technology has advanced for minting the M3S coins, the amount of coin planchets leaving the mint has been drastically reduced. Hence creating an even bigger demand for those that inadvertently do get out.

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