Malaysia 2006 MARINE & REPTILIAN SERIES 10 pieces Coin Set
The third 'Endangered Species' Coin Series: 'Endangered Marine Animals and Reptiles'
Bank Negara Malaysia issued the third 'Endangered Species' coin series in 2006 which carries the theme "Endangered Marine Animals and Reptiles". This series is of part of the Coins in Education (CIE) Program, an initiative of Bank Negara Malaysia to create public awareness of the species of endangered animals and birds in Malaysia .
This series was issued following the success of the previous two 'Endangered Species' series with the themes 'Land Animals' and 'Birds'. Similar to the previously issued 'Land Animals' and 'Birds' coin series, the 'Endangered Marine Animals and Reptiles' series were available to the public in twelve issues representing twelve selected endangered marine animals and reptiles.

The first two issues of this coin series, featuring the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle, were released first. Then was followed by monthly releases of the other ten issues.
The coin was made of Nordic gold alloy with a face value of 25 sen and was sold at an issue price of RM5.50 each. The coin is packaged in an attractive and colourful coin card, complete with information of the respective endangered species.

The composition is  Nordic Gold material, a golden colour alloy, made of 89% Copper, 5% Zinc, 5% Aluminium and 1% Tin
The obverse of the coin depicts one of the twelve marine animals and reptiles. Other features on the coin are the words 'ENDANGERED SPECIES SERIES' on the upper part of the coin's circumference. The common name of the animal in Bahasa Malaysia and English as well as its scientific name are on the lower part of the coin's circumference.

The reverse side of the coin depicts the denomination and the logo of the 'Endangered Marine Animals and Reptiles' coin series, which is represented by a stylised Leatherback Turtle.
'Endangered Marine Animals and Reptiles' Series 2006.
1. Penyu Agar / Green Turtle
2. Penyu Karah / Hawksbill Turtle
3. Lumba - Lumba / Bottlenose Dolphin
4. Tuntung Laut / Painted Terrapin
5. Penyu Lipas / Olive Ridley Turtle
6. Penyu Belimbing / Leatherback Turtle
7. Duyong/Dugong / Dugong
8. Buaya Siam / Siamese Freshwater Crocodile
9. Jerung Paus / Whale Shark
10. Buaya Julong-Julong / Malayan Gharial Crocodile
11. Buaya Tembaga / Estuarine Crocodile
12. Lumba-Lumba / Empesut Irrawady Dolphin

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