Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1992 50 Sen With "Sepal" Variety.(Die Chip Error).

The Malaysia Bunga Raya 1992 50 Cents with "Sepal"(Kelopak Daun) variety was introduced to me by Sifu Tony Au. This is first of the Bunga Raya Series coin that was known to me with variety. A Die Chip Error variety.
Die Chips Definition
If part of the die chips out, showing as a raised, unstruck area on the coin, it is called a chip.
A small piece (less than 4 square millimeters) that falls out of the die face and has no direct connection to the design rim. The missing piece leaves a void in the die face into which coin metal flows. As a result, the coin shows a featureless lump in the affected area.
A die chip can be connected to a die crack or it can be freestanding.

Die chips frequently develop within narrow interstices in the design.
A die chip is similar to a cud, but it can be very small and occur anywhere in the die, not just the edge.


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