People's Park Centre The Gathering Centre Of Singapore Senior Numismatists
On every Wednesday of the week, there is a group of senior numismatists will get together at the Funan Stamp & Coin Agency located at No.101, Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre #B1-17E (Basement) of Singapore.
These senior numismatists will come by themselves automatically. They do not need to inform the owner of the shop, Mr.T.S Tan. Also they do not need to call to inform each another. Most of them will arrive at the venue around 10.30am automatically. By 1.00 o'clock noon, always they will walk to the same restaurant on the ground floor for their lunch. They will talk only on numismatic topics.

Last Wednesday (28-4-2015),when I visited Singapore, I was very lucky to be invited to join them. I had met them before, so I was well received by them and enjoyed a very delicious lunch.
They are a group of very healthy, cheerful and happy senior numismatists. Sometimes, they have a young numismatist to join them. But on the day I was around, the younger numismatist was away, I hope to meet him in my next (Wednesday) trip to Singapore.


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