PCGS Banknotes Encapsulation In Mylar-D@ With Rainbow Colour.
On 22nd August 2015, I posted on my facebook Timeline about a specimen Queen Elizebeth II $100 that was graded by PCGS exhibited rainbow color on its Mylar-D@ plastic.
These were the comments that I received:
James Soh No is not security. As long they use Mylar or non-pvc is ok.
"Any observed oily or rainbow look in the flip is an optical effect."
John W. Ho No no. This effect is because there is oil inside, regardless of mylar or non pic. This oil is because the oil from the manufacturing defects.
James Soh Well that depends where products are manufactured and the company hq. (I don't know where pcgs currency gets theirs. And pcgs currency is NOT related to pcgs)

In the USA, where there are more lawyers than most other countries, is very common to sue for misrepresentations and more others issues.

I choose those products use by USA national museums and/or their other large institutions.

Well end of day. So select wisely. Do your research. 一分钱一分货
  • Anz Hsb ya , i like the world 一分钱一分货 .....
  • Adam Biagi It's not oil. It's an effect from the light call destructive interference. It shows up when two pieces of Mylar pressed together. Its the same reason you see rainbows on compact discs.
  • Adam Biagi Same can be seen here on irregular holder and on coin flips. The same effect causes rainbow toning on Coins
    Navin Bala Gd morng ji
  • Hee Francis Pmg cover also had.this.oil effect.when.U.put.under.the sun.or.light.at.certain.angle...
  • Hee Francis Pcgs can be see easily...at.any.angle....I'm.also.suspect.this is oil where.inside.the notes....
  • Hee Francis Hi sifu, did u notice pcgs.cover.at top side 2 corners left.and.right??? The pcgs label sticker.are not fully cover? There is tiny gap at both side, is for ventilation purpose??hehehe
    Hi Zan Ma Rainbow security? I don't think so. Most probably due to accidently wrapping process not handle by care. Times go on.. it might be rare.
    PCGS Currency Holder Description
    When it comes to protecting your investment for future generations, there is no safer way than with PCGS Currency holders.

    •Unlike other companies, PCGS Currency is the only grading service that encapsulates notes in Mylar-D®, the safest and best archival material for long-term storage and the only material now used by the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution to store priceless historical documents

    •We are also the only grading company that encapsulates each and every note by hand. Each note is holdered with care, and there are no machines involved in our holdering process.

    •Our specially designed grading label and partial open-top holder allow notes to "breathe," thus preventing the paper from deteriorating due to lack of oxygen

    •The specially designed tamper-proof label identifies key information regarding the details of your note as well as ensures its security

    I found that PCGS product is very slick. The plastic holders are bright, very transparent and stiff, but they do not employ an internal holder for additional protection.

    However, what I found most surprising is that the information labels at the top are merely wrapped around and stuck onto the OUTSIDE of the plastic holders which they claimed that the design of partial open-top holder allow notes to "breathe," thus preventing the paper from deteriorating due to lack of oxygen
    On PMG holders the information labels are embedded within the plastic. My initial impression is that the PCGS plastic seems to be more scuff-resistant than the PMG plastic but with the information labels being on the outside they are sure to pick up wear and tear over the years


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