Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) Government 3% Loan Bond for $100 1936 In Full Sheet Condition.
This is a rare piece of Federated Malay States Government, Serial Numbers: A 1830. A piece of 3 Per Cent War Loan Bond in full sheet condition. A bond with a amount value of $100, dated 10th of July1936. It was redeemable from 1956 to 1966.
It was designed with ornate border in blue and grey color with yellow underprint. It was  printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited ,London.

Authorised by Federated Malay States (F.M.S.) Loan Enactment No.12 of 1936.
The loan is secured on the general revenues and Assets of the Government Of The Federated Malay States.

A sinking fund was created in London for the redemption of the loan under the management of the crown agents for the colonies.

Interest on the amount of this bond at the rate of 3 % per annum  was paid half-yearly on the 15th day of the December and the 15th day of June of each year at the Agency and/or the Branch of the said Bank in the Federated States and Straits Settlements, and at its branch at Alor Star in Kedah.
The Bond was signed by the Federal Secretary to the Government on behalf of The Government Of The Federated Malay States. It was paid on 17th. June.1946.( Perforated " PAID 17-6-46" ).
These are the reference numbers for the value of the war loan bond.
A 0001 to 3200 of $100 each.
B 3201 to 4150 of $500 each.
C 4151 to 7380 of $1000 each.
D 7381 to 7975 of $5000 each &
E 7976 to 8775 of $10000 each.

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