Malaysia 2nd Series "Bunga Raya" 1 Sen 1988 Pattern Strike Coin.
Rarity: Unique
The second series of Malaysia coins with denomination 1 sen to $1.00 was launched on 4th September 1989.

1 sen copper clad steel coin ; diameter 17.78 mm x 1.26 mm thickness
5 sen copper-nickel alloy coin ; diameter 16.25 mm x 1.04 mm thickness
10 sen copper-nickel alloy coin; diameter 19.40 mm x 1.37 mm thickness
20 sen copper-nickel alloy coin; diameter 23.59 mm x 1.75 mm thickness
50 sen copper-nickel alloy coin; diameer 27.76 mm x 2.18 mm thickness
$1 copper-zinc-tin alloy coin: diameter 24.50mm x 2.60 mm thickness

The second series of sen coins entered circulation in late-1989, sporting completely redesigned observes and reverses, but predominantly retaining the design of edges, diameters and composition of the previous series' coins as of 1989—the 1 ringgit coin an exception. Changes include the depiction of items of Malay culture on the obverse, and the inclusion of a Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Malay: Bunga Raya), the national flower of Malaysia, on the upper half of the reverse. The second series was designed by Low Yee Kheng.
The 1 sen coin with diameter of 17.78 mm, thickness 1.26 mm and weight at 1.74gm is a Copper Clad Steel planchet, plain edged. On the obverse is a Rebana ubi design. On the reverse is Bank title, value and year of minting.
This is a rare specimen coin struck with a date of "1988", instead of the regular year of "1989" as the year of minting, the official launching was on 4th September 1989.

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