Malaysia Die Cap Error Coins.


Malaysia.2007.1 Cent,5 Cents,10 Cents And 20 Cents.
Die Cap Errors.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
The die cap error occurs when a struck coin fails to exit the press and adheres to the hammer or moving die (which in the above errors was the reverse die). The side of the die cap which was struck by the anvil die (which in the coins below is the obverse die) then starts striking subsequent coins rather than the die itself. This means that the next blank fed into the press will have a mirror image of the anvil die design struck into one side of the coin, this newly struck coin is now known as a brockage. The die cap, which is still stuck to the hammer die will continue to strike brockage coins and will become more and more dished in shape until it finally breaks free of the hammer die and exits the press.
In extreme cases it has to be physically removed by mint staff when they notice a problem . As the sides of the die cap work their way up the sides of the hammer die it takes on the form of a 'bottle cap', which is another name that the die cap error is sometimes known by.

Malaysia.2007.1 Cent,5 Cents,10 Cents And 20 Cents.
Die Cap Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Phiit, these are really beautiful.
    And some more, 1 sen to 20 sen, almost a complete set.
    Honestly, Dickson, we have yet to find even a single one of these die caps which looked more like bottle caps, haha.
    By the way, roughly what are their market values?
    Thumbs up to you, Dickson.
    And thanks a lot for sharing :)

  2. ...and that explained why you mentioned yours didn't have cuds along the rims.
    Now we understand, hehe.
    Really different DNA.
    Too bad ours didn't inherit any of the DNA of yours.
    Arg, if only we could wish them to be like yours, haha.
    These error coin hobby is truly remarkable and at times mind boggling, haha.
    Thanks again for sharing, Dickson :)

  3. By the way, what is the probability of getting an ordinary die cap like ours and the one you have posted here which looks more like a bottle cap?
    Haha, apologise for being a little long winded here, but we're really impressed with these bottle caps that you've posted here.
    Thank you so much, Dickson :)

  4. Wow Mr Dickson these coins are sooo fantastic!

    By the way, I wonder whether my piece here is a bottle cap too or not. Can you take a look at it? Thanks

  5. wow..i never knew it could end up like that..Hmm but how can one get this out of the factory?

  6. Dear whycollect,
    These four "brothers" took me 3 solid years to bring them together,of course I still couldn't find the eldest brother!
    The youngest brother was found in Shah Alam in 2008,he cost me the most-RM500.00,because he has a twin sister.I will put her photo up soonest,still camera shy!
    I met the second and fourth brother in Kuala Lumpur,I paid them RM400.00 to come home.
    The third brother was found in Ipoh and paid RM180 to free him to joint the other three brothers.
    Now already another year past,no sign of the Da Ge (big brother) yet!If you see him,please ask him to contact me!I am getting 'dry' to chase him around!

  7. Dear mnfj,
    Yes,your 10 cents coin is a capped die error coin too!Also called "bottle cap" and "Thimble Coin'.Cheers!

  8. Dear Mr.Danny,
    I was told in 2007,there were a lot of these error coins came into the market,you can buy them at RM20.00 to RM30.00.I started mint errors collection in end of 2008,so I got to pay higher price to own one!
    Just like the same thing happened now,you can get replacement banknotes by running numbers by stacks in UNC.Just keep some if you are a banknotes collector!

  9. Hi Dickson,
    Don't worry.
    If ever we see their big brother, we will definitely inform you immediately.
    We believe its best that you have it as well because you have the rest already.
    And we really hope whoever sees it will do the same to you as well.
    We believe thats the joy of sharing.
    Haha, you know Dickson.
    This is what we have been practising within our tea kaki circle.
    Whether its precious tea or teapots, whoever within our circle gets to keep it, then its ok, so long as it remains within our circle of friends and members.
    One gets it, everyone gets to enjoy it, in one way or another, haha.
    Our best of luck to you, Dickson.
    1sen07 RRR + 5sen07 4xR + 10sen07 5xR + 20sen 6xR + 50sen 7xR = 8xR....fatt-tat rrrrrrrr!
    Haha, Dickson, thats how crazy we can be, when it comes to hobbies.
    Seriously crazy yet never overly emotional until it creates stress in our lives.
    We believe thats how we should treat our hobbies.
    Hehe, just our two cents.
    Thank you so much for sharing, Dickson :D

  10. Dickson, suppose you're right.
    Somehow, don't know why, there are more errors in certain years.
    We noticed this similar phenomena also happens to raw gem stones in the market.
    They are both not always readily available, but when they are, they could be quite plentiful but always only for a short while.
    If one has gone to the Thai-Myammar border to buy raw gem stones, one would have noticed this phenomena.
    Still remembered once there was a lot of good quality raw hydrogrossular garnets available for sale along the border.
    But since today, these stones have not been seen on sale again at the same place.
    Maybe the best approach will be, "cepat sampai dapat" instead of "biar lambat asalkan dapat" haha :D
    We apologise if our comments here hurt the feelings of others.
    We're just trying to highlight the lighter side of hobbies, which is solely from our own perspective.

  11. Hi Dickson,
    Read this interesting thread on the china-mint forum.;topicseen#msg12296
    Yes, will need experts like you and the rest esp MNS senior members to come up with more programs to attract the young generation.
    Honestly, at times, we can't even manage to get our own kids to follow our hobbies though we've tried very hard, haha.
    Just hope so coins & stamps collecting as well as other traditional hobbies will not be surely foregone words like newspapers, TV, books, post office in future.
    Dickson and all other experts, thank you for what you all have done so far.
    But we believe much more have to be done to get these kids with iphones & ipads haha, to come in.
    Cheers :D

  12. Dear whycollect,
    Thank you very much "Da Ge"!
    I hope I can soft talk to the sister(one of the twin) to be able for me to post her photo ASAP!
    Among your Tea kaki,do you know Michael Chew,a property agent,tea pot and Shui xian tea crazy!If,yes,please send my best regards to him!Thank you in advance!
    Please don't put too many Rs to me,it really make me stress!RMs are welcome.Haha!
    Hobbies,you shouldn't get stress!The Chinese always says,"Moderation/sederhana" is life surpose to be!
    Of course,if you can make a living from your hobby,that is the best.But always be causious by:Don't trouble troubles!Unless trouble troubles you!

  13. Dear whycollect,
    Thank you for the highlights!
    May be the society should do some workshops with the schools and colleges!I am always here to share my little knowledge with them.FOC!The most is one Teh Tarik will do!
    I noticed that these days,our younger genaration cannot raise their head high and walk around proud like us in those good old days because they are always putting their head down to send,read and receive sms!hahaha!

  14. Hi Dickson,
    Ya, times have changed.
    Suppose we've got to change as well, haha.
    Those days, we have to pick up enough courage to impress our wives-to-be by knocking at their doors or breaking up the seemingly impenetrable barrier to start a never ending conversation with the pretty ladies who are now our wives.
    Nowadays, youngsters use fb and tweeter to introduce themselves and when two lovers meet, no more introduction is needed, haha.
    By the way, we do not know Michael Chew.
    Honestly we are not any sifu in the tea drinking world.
    Just a bunch of crazy tea drinkers with a penchant to try out anything tea and drinkable, haha.
    Choosing the lighter side of the hobbies we love is always our approach.
    And with our limited financial resources, we are forced to adopt the much safer contrarian approach in our acquisitions.
    Arg, prices of so many collectibles have gone up like there's no tomorrow.
    Hehe, whatever, and since we're not dealers, we always find happiness immersing ourselves into the world of hobbies after a hard days work.
    And on most occasions, we ended up going to sleep with smiles on our faces, hahahaha.
    By the way, your teh tarik, hutang dulu ar.
    Don't worry, Dickson.
    One day, we will let you have the best cup of teh taaaaarik! haha!
    Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful views, Dickson.
    Have a nice eve :D