Malaysia 2011 50 Cents Coin.

While waiting for the Malaysia New Design Coinage to be issued,and at the same time we thought that the 2011 50 Cents coin will not be minted,finally,the long waited 2011 50 Cents coin is out.

Last week,a coin dealer in Petaling Jaya told me he found a piece,jokingly offered me for RM5.00.Early this week,a friend from Seremban told me he saw a piece.Today,my niece from Subang Jaya called me and said she got ten pieces of 2011 50 cents in Kuala Lumpur for me!

I went through the 10 pieces of 2011 50 cents,only 3 pieces are good in condition, 5 pieces are fairly good but 2 pieces are full of flaws on the fields,exactly looked like those minted in year 2010.

How to improve our coinage quality?
Who are incharge of our coinage quality control (QC)?

To all serious coins collectors,you have to cherry pick those 2010,2011 50 cents coins with  best in condition.Don't just get a bag of UNC coins and accept them all are in good condition,you may regret later!


  1. Hai, baru hari ini terjumpa blog anda, I Follow.

  2. Hi syiling peringatan malaysia!
    You are most welcome!I will visit yours soonest!Cheers!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Yes, you're right
    Getting a perfectly minted coin in circulation can be quite a challenge, nowadays.
    The quality has deteriorated a lot.
    Anyway, its been a common practise for us to keep aside all coins which we think are worth collecting, and reexamine them later when we've time.
    Thanks a lot for the tip, Dickson :)

  4. Aiyooo..I don't have any of these 2011 coins yet..need to find it! thanks for the info Dickson. Cheers!

  5. Dear whycollect,
    From the 10 pieces I received,2 pieces found to have minor mint errors.Both came with minor die crashed and a small cud at 0.5 o'clock position!I think they are using a used/reconditioned dies!Just my guess.

  6. Hi Danny,
    I think plenty are coming out!Just cherry pick the best in condition!Good luck!

  7. Hi Dickson,
    Judging from the deteriorating quality of the present coins in circulation, just hope these coins don't eventually become like the medievil coins where the reverse principal applies. Then error coins collecting will be as good as dead, haha :D

  8. Hi,
    I got mine a couple weeks ago in the LRT station. In my opinion they are too shiny, looks like a cleaned silver coin. Hehe

  9. Hi mnfaj,
    Wish it was a 50 sen on silver planchet.
    Then, "Fatt-Tat-Lor" hahaha!
    Well, everything starts from a dream.
    Our sincere Best of Luck Wishes to you, mnfaj and every collectors, too :)