Malaysia Silver Planchets

Malaysia.99.90 Silver Planchet.27.00gm
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Silver ingots at the mint were fed into a rolling machine that would flatten the ingots into silver sheets. These sheets were then placed in an annealing oven to help prevent brittleness and cracking. The sheets were cut into silver strips slightly wider than the intended coin size, greased and pulled through a drawing machine to get the proper thickness. After being washed and annealed again, they were sent to a screw press style cutter that punched out the silver blanks or flans. The blanks were again annealed, washed and then weighed. Those weighing more than the specified amount grams would be adjusted by filing across the face of the planchet and those that weighed too little were returned to the furnace melting pot. The correctly weighted blanks were then placed in an rim upsetting machine, at this point the planchet was ready to be impressed or struck in the coin press.

Malaysia.0.925 Silver Planchet.21.00gm.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
I am extremely thankful to my Sifu Ang for allowing me to inherit his pieces of silver planchets.I thought I would never got a chance to have one!

The Edge Of the Silver Planche


  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    This is a very interesting planchet. Is this planchet intended for proof coin?

  2. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, this piece of unstruck precious metal could be an envy to many including us, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  3. Hi Dickson,
    I approach many times to persuade Sifu Ang but still he don't want to sell.
    you are so lucky...hehehe...

  4. Dear mnfaj,
    Yes,I think so!Because the 27.00gm piece is kept in a sealed plastic coin holder and the the 21.00gm silver planchet is already looked like proof finished.Thanks.

  5. Dear whycollect,
    Sorrylah!I nagged him untill my Sifu gave up on me!Hahaha!!
    Well,he just being very kind to me!He knew I am serious in collecting Blanks and Planchets!I really fell thankful when he decided to let me owned them.

  6. MGMSabri,
    Sorrylah Brother!I booked dulu ma!
    Wah!Bahaya juga ya! Nyaris-nyaris you yang dapat!
    Bersyukurlah saya.Hehe!

  7. Wooooow....
    Nice on. Terlopong mulut when I saw this coins.
    Is that means we have a chance to find a silver Malaysia circulated coins? I am thinking millions ringgit in my pocket now. Hahahahaha.... Joke nia....

  8. Dear Lunaticg,
    Kena tunggulah,satu hari kalau Malaysia cukup kaya!Huh!mana tau!Kena positiflah!Checklah selalu syiling-syiling 2011 50 sen yang baru keluar,mungkin...silver..satu biji ...dua..!Jangan jerit-jerit dalam mimpi Bang!Nanti kena tendang permaisuri ke bawah katil!Hahaha!!
    Joke a side!I really hope someone from BNM is following your Blog and look at what other countries have done to their coinage,beautiful design,new materials used,perfect quality mintage,successful and effective marketing and promotions etc.
    Always,QC,QC,QC and still QC!
    Hope to cheer them up!!
    Thanks Bro.!