MALAYSIA $1.00 BLANK (1989-1996)

One Dollar Blank Used By Malaysia Bunga Raya Series Coins From 1989 To 1996.

Blank also known as a type I planchet.
A blank is a round disk of metal punched from a long strip rolled for the proper thickness of an intended denomination.It will have a rough edge.(Note: All coins have three sides:the obverse,the reverse and the edge.)
Blanks are not intended to be struck,though they sometimes are.

Definition: A coin blank is the metal disc onto which a coin will be struck. The blank is punched in its round form from a strip of machined coin alloy, and then processed through the upsetting mill, which raises the proto-rims on the blank and turns it into a planchet.

A coin blank that doesn't have the proto-rim used to be called a Type 1 planchet. The planchet was called a Type 2 planchet. Although these terms are rarely used in conversation anymore, you will occasionally see them on grading service holders.
Malaysia .$1.00 1989-1996.Obverse.

Malaysia .$1.00 1989-1996.Reverse.
When referring to ancient coins, or coins made on cast metal discs, the term flan is frequently used instead of blank or planchet.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Thanks for pointing out the difference between the terms blank and flan.
    These 1 ringgit blanks were very interesting when it first appeared during those days compared to the copper-nickel blanks because of their beautiful golden colour.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)