Birmingham Mint UK Product Test Piece/Planchet

The Birmingham Mint, a coining mint, originally known as Heaton's Mint or Ralph Heaton & Sons, in Birmingham, England, started producing tokens and coins in 1850 as a private enterprise, separate from, but in cooperation with the Royal Mint. Its factory was situated in Icknield Street, on the edge of the Jewellery Quarter. It was created by Ralph Heaton II, using second-hand coin presses bought from the estate of Matthew Boulton.(Wikipedia).

This is a piece of sample planchet, product of Birmingham Mint. It was usually used as a sample coin to be delivered to potential customers as a marketing tool to create more orders.

On the obverse of the coin was struck with a picture of a mint worker in the process of  hammering a coin.This was one of the earliest method to make a coin. It was dated year 1794.

On the reverse,written "BIRMINGHAM MINT PRODUCTS TEST PIECE".  A copper planchet with plain edge.


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