Thai Province: Songkhla Forgery Tin Jokoh, More news.....

On 10th May 2013, I posted an article "THAILAND TIN JOKOH SONG-CHENG-TONG-BAO 宋城通宝 (FORGERY)" on my Blog: dniewcollectors.blogspot.

On July 5, 2013 at 3:37 AM, I received this comment from an anonymous.

"I don't think this is a forgery - it looks genuine to me, and I have seen a good number of these coins (at least 100 in my life), including genuine pieces, old fakes made for circulation, and modern fakes made to fool collectors. I think this is a genuine piece and have little to no doubts about that."

My replied:
Hi Anonymous,
I was confirmed by Dr. Kong, Master Rani, Master Ishak, Master Tan Tai Seng, Master Wong Hon Sum and the producer Mr. He Rong Chuan
何荣川 (Thailand-Bangkok), it was indeed a forgery Jokoh.
 Today I found more details about Mr. He Rong Chuan 何荣川 . He is more then 90 years old now and still staying in Bangkok, Thailand. He is mentally confused and behaving strangely due to old age. I was told beside the "SONG-CHENG-TONG-BAO " ( 宋城通宝), He was also responsible on forgery tin jokoh of "LOK-KUN-TONG BAO" (六昆通宝) ;."PEI-LANG-TONG-BAO" (北浪通宝) ; "NAN-PANG-TONG-BAO" (南邦通宝) and "ZHAO-CAI-TONG-BAO"( 招财通宝).

His method of producing the forgery tin coins were by die casting, a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. However, he was not good in using molten metal injection method, instead he poured the tin molten into the dies (obverse or reverse) and joined or grafted the dies before the tin molten fully solidified.

I hope to get some good pictures on this forgery tin jokohs for sharing.


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