Thai Province:Songkhla Tin Jokoh(Forgery)

This is a holed tin coin with Thai,Chinese and Malay inscritions.
Song Cheng is the Chinese transcription of Singgora.(Songkhla).

The reverse consists of an inscription in Arabic and Thai scripts,each divided into two parts on opposite sides of the central hole. A Malay inscription reads:Negeri Singgora.The Thai inscription is placed left and right of the hole: Khla Song (Songkhla).The inscriptions are occasionally transposed.

 Weight: 14.03gm.
Diameter: 39.02mm


  1. Is this fr sale sifu ??

  2. Is this coin for sale

  3. Hi Anonymous and Anonymous,
    Sorry, this is my own collection, not for sale!

  4. I don't think this is a forgery - it looks genuine to me, and I have seen a good number of these coins (at least 100 in my life), including genuine pieces, old fakes made for circulation, and modern fakes made to fool collectors. I think this is a genuine piece and have little to no doubts about that.

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    I was confirmed by Dr. Kong, Master Rani, Master Ishak, Master Tan Tai Seng, Master Wong Hon Sum and the producer Mr.He Rong Chuan (Thailand-Bangkok), it was indeed a forgery Jokoh.

  6. Niew,

    When you meet Dr. Kong, please pass him warm greetings from Vasilijs (which is me). I cannot get in touch with him for a long time now, may be for a year, so I would be happy to receive an email from him - he knows my email address.

    Regarding whether this is a genuine piece or a forgery, I would be willing to discuss this with Dr. Kong (who is my good friend), but I still think that this is NOT a forgery.