The "WU" Tin Coins.

Since in the 8th Century, a large number of Chinese came to the Eastern Archipelago i.e. Malaya, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Celebes etc. In the 15th Century many settled in Malacca and the neighbouring  Malay states.They brought along large quantities of copper cash for their use.

Weight:3.31gm. Diameter: 24mm
Later years, when they encountered shortage of copper cash, the locals start to mint their very own coins in tin, a kind of metal which is easily available in Malaysia.

Some of them copied the Northern Song Dynasty coinage minted in year 998,called the "XIAN-PING-YUAN-PAO and for those minted in year 1008, named the "SIANG-FU-YUAN-PAO". The original coins were minted in copper or iron but the locals used tin to make "COPY" coins.

Weight:3.95gm. Diameter: 24mm
Last Monday (8-7-2013) I managed to collect 2 pieces of Chinese "WU" tin coins from a very senior numismatist for sharing. Another piece which I bidded in Malacca Auction on 6-7-2013 will be arriving by this coming Sunday.They were made in tin material.


  1. Can't believe you paid so much for these coins I wonder who will even be interested to buy such junk


  2. Hi David,
    I bought them for my research on local tin coinage,to improve my knowledge and not so much on resale.To someone may be just a piece of junk,to me even paying RM100 for a piece of tin coin aged more then half a Century old and can learn something on the history of China and Malaysia, it is a piece of "Treasure". Never regret!