The "WU" Coins.

Rarity: RR

On 6/26/13 10:58 PM, I published an article entitled "MAJOR DIE BREAK COPPER CASH" and seeking sifus to disclose about its identity and its origin.

Not until last Friday evening when I raised the same question to Master Wong Hon Sum after we were checked in Hotel Puri Malacca. We were there to attend the Malacca Auction to be held on 6 July 2013.

Master Wong told me it is a "WU" ( 恶 ) money. It is a "COPY" of Qing Dynasty copper cash. During the seventeen century, a lot of Sung Dynasty and Qing Dynasty copper coins  were circulated in South East Asia. Some local traders became creative by producing their own coins with metals that is easy available locally like tin or melted the Sung Dynasty and Qing Dynasty copper coins and recycle the metal by adding in tin and lead.

However, the inscription of Chinese characters on these "WU" ( 恶 ) money were crude, some were even beyond recognition.

This copper coin had resembled the Qing Dynasty copper coins by having the four Chinese characters ( beyond recognition) on the right positions,top-right-bottom-left on the obverse. On the reverse were the Manchuria characters that were always position on the right and left on Qing Dynasty copper coins.
I will try to post more of similar  "WU" ( 恶 ) money/coins collection in near future. More information are welcome.


  1. i think i have one of these wu coins.

  2. i got one of these wu coins,how much is it worth.

  3. Hi josh tan,
    Please MMS me the good image for authentication. 017 9796337