Major Die Break On A Copper Coin


Since I bought this Major Die Break copper coin from Silmon Loo on 14th June 2013, I have no clue yet to certain the origin of its country.

I bought it during my recent trip to Kuantan to attend the Error Coin Seminar on 15-6-2013, organised by Kelab Warisan Numismatik Malaysia Kuantan (KWNM). Mr.Silmon Loo,a committee member of KWNM was kind enough to sell this unique piece, a bi-product of major die break copper cash to me

Mr.Silmon told me he got it from a dealer from Kelantan, may be it is a Siamese's copper coin.When I consulted Mr Tan Tai Seng, the Pakar Numismatik of Malaysia (PNM), he told me this is not a Siamese's coin because Simese's coins were always made of tin like Malay State Sultanate tin coins.
He claimed it is likely a Vitnamese or Laos's coin. When I met a Siamese friend,he double confirmed with me that it is not a Siamese's coin. An Indian neighbour told me it was writen in Taimil. Last Sunday, I showed this coin to my friend who stayed in Vietnam for many years, he told me it should be a Burma coin. Yesterday, I took it to show to a group of Burmese friends, they claimed that this is not a Burma coin. They suggested to me to consult someone who know Laos or Cambodia writing. For this, I seek your help to find me someone to can tell me where was this coin come from?

This unknown coin, indeed is a very unique Major Die Break coin. It was a casted coin, the copper fluid seeped into a big crack on the die, it solidified and formed fin liked extra metals attached perpendicular on the surface of the coin. Looked like it was discarded as a impaired coin.

Thank you so much to Mr.Silmon Loo for allowing me to inherit his collection but what bothered  me now is to find its birth place, please help............

Weight: 4.95gm
Diameter: 25mm
Composition: Copper


  1. Could be a fake coin made in the modern era


  2. Ive seen before . Usually bomoh will use this . Made in thailand, an error yes but not an ancient coin just crude production by caveat emptors haha. Can find in markets

  3. Looks like some fantasy copper coin made in china to fool people haha

  4. Hi David,
    It could be, but more important here is the error happened.A nice specimen for a Major Die Break coin.

  5. Hi danny,
    Is the rare Major Die Break Error that occurred. And just curious to know what was written on the coin.Thank you for dropping by.

  6. Hi Mnfaj,
    Nice to have you around.Hope to meet you at our MNS Auction on 30th June 2013.