Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1 Sen 2006 With Major Die Break Error, The "CUD".
Collectors more often than not refer to a major die break under the slang term "Cud." The term has it roots in the early error-variety hobby when the use of nicknames was more prevalent than today. This is one of the few slang terms that has stuck. No matter what you want to call it, a Major Die Break or "Cud" always involves a breakage of the die that includes a portion of its shank and field and or design areas. In other words, it will involve a section of the die from its edge large enough to include some of the face of the die that has broken and fallen away or has been retained.
Cuds are often confused with die breaks or even die chips that are found within the interior of the coin design but have no connection to the shank of the die or edge of the coin. A die break -- no matter how large -- that does not involve the edge of the die is not a cud -- it is simply a die break which may be defined as a Small Die Break or Large Die Break.
Some collectors, through plain ignorance or for monetary reasons (because the term "cud" seems to imply greater value) will sometimes refer to these as "interior cuds." The fact is, the error-variety hobby agreed decades ago that if a die break occurs anywhere away from the edge (or neck of the die) within the field of coin design it is NOT a cud.
Sellers, inventing new terms to replace perfectly good, traditional terms are not going to make simple die breaks into cuds! Another term we've seen come into use in recent years is interior die break. Unless a die break is defined as a Major Die Break or a Collar Die Break or a Rim Die Break, etc., it is implied to be a die break found within the die face. Specialists got along for decades understanding perfectly well what the term "die break" meant and there is no need to start modifying this term now. If you do not understand the terms, you need to buy some books and read them -- it's that simple! Of course if you do decide to use the term interior die break anyway it should cause little confusion but it is unnecessary.


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