Malaysia Parliament House Series 1982 10 Sen With Double Curved Clips Error.
Rarity: RRR/BU
This 1982 Malaysia Parliament House Series 10 sen coin exhibits two distinct curved planchet clips at 180 degrees from each other. These errors are a lot more unusual than the single curved clip coin errors and for some denominations they are almost non existent.
I've only seen two Malaysian modern coinage with double clip errors in two years! Given their scarcity I feel they are an undervalued error coin listed in Malacca Coins Auction which was held on 14-12-2014 and I'd recommend picking them up where ever you can.

How Double Curved Clips Occur.
Occasionally, a misfeed can occur where the strip of metal is not fed through the blanking machine far enough. When this happens, the punches strike an area of the strip which overlaps the hole left by the previous strike. The result is a blank with a piece missing, which is called a clipped planchet, which may be straight, curved, ragged, or elliptical.
To give you an idea of how these errors occur please take a look at the diagram above. Typically coin blanks are punched from a metal strip in rows. The rows are usually offset from each other (like the courses of bricks on a house) to more fully utilize the metal in the strip. In the example above the first row of blanks has been punched out correctly. However, for due to some material feeding fault or machine error the metal strip has moved from where it should have been punched so that coin blank 3 is punched out of an area that already had coin blanks 1 and 2 punched from it. This results in 2 curved clips on coin blank 3. Hence, the Double Curved Clips Mint Planchet Error occured.


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