Malaysia 1970 One Cent Rare Coin Wrong Metal Errors.


Only two denominations of coin in Malaysia Parliament series were minted  by Hamburg Mint, in Germany. There were the One Cent Copper Coin with total mintage of 2,535,000 pieces and the 20 Cents Copper-Nickel coin minted for a total of 1,054,00 pieces.Both were considered a key date coin  by local coin collectors.

Why only these two denominations ?
Why there were minted  by the Hamburg Mint in Germany?
Why no more other denominations from the Parliament series are minted after 1970 by Hamburg Mint?
Why the total of mintage were so low,only 2.54 million pieces for One Cent Copper coin and 1.05 million pieces for the 20 Cents Copper-Nickel coins?

Could it be there is a period of transition lapsed from 1969 to 1971,when our Kilang Wang Batu Tiga,Shah Alam was not ready yet to mint coin ourself?

Malaysia.1970.One Cent.
Copper-Clad Steel.Obverse.
(Darey Tan Collection)
  However,although the total mintage was so low,only 2.54 million pieces of  One Cent Copper coin was minted in 1970 by the Hamburg Mint in Germany,we found some pieces of 1970 One Cent Copper- Clad Steel.There were the Wrong Metal Errors.

Malaysia.1970.One Cent.
Copper-Clad Steel.Reverse.
(Darey Tan Collection)

So far only four pieces of these 1970 One Cent Copper- Clad Steel,the Wrong Metal Errors were known by us.Two pieces in Malaysia (One UNC,One GVF),One piece in Singapore,graded MS62 and the last  piece was told to us is in oversea noe.

There are rare coins.

The Edge Of Copper-Clad Steel.Of 1970 One Cent.


  1. koleksi terbaikkk nih....saya masih memburu dan berusaha untuk mendapatkan 1 sen 1970 nih...hu3

  2. Dear Koleksi Aku Punyer!!!,
    Kamu sedang buru yg 1 sen 1970 copper atau 1 sen 1970 copper-clad steel?
    Kalau yg copper-clad steel,ho!ho!ho!banyak pemburunya!Salah satu pemburu guerilla ialah Dickson Niew!Ha!ha!

  3. tak kisah yang mana2 pon mr. niew...sekeping pon blom ada lagi nih yg tahun 1970..he3...brg rare sgt...susah nk dapat nih..he3...

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Arg, if only we could lay our hands on one of these beauties, haha.
    Only 4 known specimens?
    Could these be the "sei-tai-mei-yan" among the Malaysian coins? haha.
    In fact, we didn't know there were such 1970 coins until you told us recently.
    Glad to know that at least two are still in the country.
    Thank you so much for sharing, Dickson and Darey :)

  5. Thx for the invaluable info.

    Didn't know they were minted in Deutschland!

    Anyway, see you at the Museum Negara this coming Sunday morning.

  6. Dear Koleksi Aku Punyer!!!,
    Semoga kamu berjaya!
    Biar cepat,asakan selamat!
    Makin lambat,makin mahal!

  7. Dear whycollect,
    Your "sei-tai-mei-yan" should be the 1970 one cent copper BU,1970 one cent copper-clad steel in BU,1976 one cent copper in BU and 1969 50 Cents in BU!!Haha!

  8. Dear malayastraitsbanknotes,
    See you there!
    Bring along Theresa Teng please!Photo pun ok loh!
    happy week-end!

  9. Hi Dickson,
    Your description of the four beauties are extremely difficult to court.
    Haha, maybe just got to settle for the less beautiful ones, haha.
    Sei-tai-mei-yan, phiit :D

  10. 1 cent - 1970 whats your best offer...

  11. Hi Anonymous,
    1970 One cent Copper Clad Steel Planchet= RM800/VF, RM1500/EF,RM4500/UNC,RM5500/BU.

  12. Hello Dickson, thank for the reply.

    My late grandfather once mentioned of his one cents collection still in kampong. Will hunt for it. At the moment, I have 4 pcs 1970 1 cents BUT copper.. how much it will be worth, find hard to part with it unless the right price...

  13. Anonymous,
    1970 1 Cent Copper=RM20/VF,RM40/EF,RM80/UNC and RM120/BU

  14. Wishing you in good health and Wealth Dickson.

    How about:
    1 cent copper 1976
    1 cent copper 1973
    1 cent Copper Clad Steel Planchet 1973.
    1 cent copper 1971
    1 cent copper 1969
    1 cent copper 1968
    1 cent copper 1967
    5 cent 1967
    5 cent 1973
    50 cent 1973
    1 Ringgit coin @ 25 Tahun Merdeka 1957-1982 (Tunku Abdul Rahman)
    1 Ringgit coin @ Rancangan Malaysia Keempat (Tun Hussein Onn)
    1 Ringgit coin @ Rancangan Malaysia Ketiga 1976-1980 (Tun Abdul Razak)
    1 Ringgit coin @ Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja 1976
    1 Ringgit coin @ Seratus Tahun Getah Asli 1877-1977
    5 Ringgit coin @ Tunku Abdul Rahman 1971

    If you are buying, how much can you offer.
    My email :

    It is a pleasure to browse through your wonderful website. Thank you again and best wishes.

  15. Sir, would you able to find a buyer for me..all item belongs to me and my collection.
    Probably I will visit your place someday..
    Thank you and have a nice day..

    Zailani Hussein
    my no 010-5227746

  16. Hi En Zailani,
    I couldn't quote your items individually because I do not know your grades.
    Please bring to my shop if possible and we can refer to the catalouge to quote.
    Or you may get a latest coin catalouge to go through your list. Syabas.

  17. Thank you of your invitation Sir. Soon I will drop by.
    Am looking forward to see all your precious collections and am honoured doing business with you.

    Best wishes.

    Zailani Hussein.

  18. Hi Zailani Hussein,
    Glad and very happy to meet you and Nasir yesterday at Dickson Niew Collection Corner,your are always welcome to drop by to share your collections.
    Happy Niewmismatic.

  19. 1970 1 cent copper clad steel attracted to magnet??