All together there are 184 lots of numismatic items to be auctioned on 26th of June.2011.
We wish all members make a point  to attend this Auction as all sorts of Coin Accessories, Coins and Banknotes can be purchased from the Bourse Tables and especially from our Auction.
So please make a note in your DIARY and see you at the MNS Auction on SUNDAY.26th.June.2011.

The Highlights:

These are the RARE COINS & UNC lots that I suggest you to take a serious look at their reserve price.

Lot:(2) & (3):Malaya & British Borneo,Signature by Tun Tan Siew Sin. $10.00,1961 A/65528942,A/65528943 (Buffalo-small A).Grade-UNC.
Reserve Price: RM2100.00 each.

Lot:(8):Malaysia 3rd Series RM 50.00.A/71118578/79.Ismail Ali's Signature.Grade:UNC.(2 pc)
Reserve Price:RM1500.00

Lot:(13):Malaysia 5th Series Replacement.RM 100.00.ZZ/0033579.Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:GEF.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM1800.00

Lot:(16):Malaysia 5th Series .RM 20.00.TE/6441940/41..Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:UNC.(2 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM450.00

Lot:(17):Malaysia 6th Series.Replacement.RM 20.00.UZ/0001279.Jaffar Hussein's Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)(Counting mark at bottom right)
Reserve Price:RM400.00

Lot:(26):Malaysia 9th Series.Replacements.RM 100.00.ZA 0276201/05.Ali Abul Hassan's (side)Signature.Grade:UNC.(5 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM1200.00

Lot:(28):Malaysia 8th Series.Replacements.RM 50.00.ZA 0218533/34.Ahmad Don's Signature.Grade:UNC.(2 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM210.00

LOT(54)   2pcs.   Malaysia 6th Series RM1000 ZY 8082384/85 Jaffar Hussein's signature (centre fold)    GEF   RM3000

LOT(55)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM100 ZA 5461520/29 Aziz Taha's signature   UNC   RM2000

LOT(56)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM100 ZA 5461530/39 Aziz Taha's signature   UNC   RM2000

LOT(57)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM50 VB 4753340/49 Aziz Taha's signature (minor handling mark at bottom right corner)   UNC   RM1000

LOT(58)   10pcs.  Malaysia 5th Series RM50 VB 4753350/59 Aziz taha's signature (minor handling mark at bottom right corner)   UNC   RM1000

LOT(60)   7pcs.   Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya $10 with Serial nos: MA058675, MA178576, MA200
481, MA318714, MA731183, MA881418 & MA915773   VF-EF   RM700

LOT(61)   3pcs.   Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Oceania One shilling, Ten shillings & One Pound   AU   RM350

LOT(62)   1pc.    Brunei 1 Cent (Copper) 1887 (toned)
                            Obverse: Five pointed Star and Jawi inscriptions
                            Reverse: Figure "1", surrounded by legend "SULTANATE OF BRUNEI   
1304"(toned)   UNC   RM450


LOT(63)   1pc.    Straits Settlements 5Cents 1874H (weak stike)   EF   RM800

LOT(64)   1pc.    Penang 1/2 Pice 1718 (Balemark series)   GVF   RM800

LOT(65)   1pc.    Penang 1pice 1810 (Coat of Arms series)   GVF   RM250

LOT(66)   1pc.    Penang Straits Settlements King George VI Coronation Medal 1936
                            Obverse: George VI and Elizabeth
                            Reverse: Penang's Coat of Arms   VF   RM50

LOT(67)   1pc.    Malaysia 20 Cents 1973 Error (with security edge)
                            Obverse and Reverse with usual design
                            4.03 grammes (lighter than common pieces)   UNC   RM400

LOT(146)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 1/4 Cent 1916   UNC   RM100

LOT(147)  1pc.     Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1920   UNC   RM60

LOT(153)  2pcs.   Malaysia 6th Series RM100 ZY 0211075/76 Jaffar Hussein's signature, United States Banknote   UNC   RM800

LOT(165)  1pc.    Malaysia United Nations Decade for Women RM25 1985 (.925 Silver)    PROOF   RM580

LOT(174)  4pcs.  Malaysia 8th Series Replacements RM50 ZA 0376207/10 Ahmad Don's signature   UNC   RM400.

Happy bidding!!


  1. Looks like the prices are always up and wondering whether they do reflect the market's fair price. Hmm..good for sellers and bless all the beginners.

  2. Welcome nuchatter!
    Especially those in UNC condition.And prices for some selected items are going up very high recently,e.g/the 50 Ringgit in folder released in 2007,dealers are offering to buy in at RM650.00 per set,Hong Kong & Macau 2008 Olympic $20.00 notes are sold for RM700 per piece,BTD silver dollar coin VF in condition,dealers are paying RM250.00 per piece.Even China "Fen" aluminium coins in loose,year 1980 to 1986 priced at RM12.00 to RM 15.00 per piece.etc.

    Whether they do reflect the market's fair price?We just let the market forces to determine.

    Welcome to the auction Nu!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Seems like any circulation coin not current and in UNC and above are in hot demand, haha.
    Love the Chinese aluminum fens esp those before the 80s.
    Guess better get as many as one could before they got gobbled up by the Chinese, haha.
    Surprisingly many of these fen before the 80s were not in high mintage even when they were in such low denominations.
    One possibility could be the availability of the low denominated paper currency.
    Seen a site in the net stating that the 1975 1 fen has a mintage of 500,000 only, which is an extremely low ratio in respect to the China's population.
    And this 1975 coin is not even a key date.
    Ya, judging from the escalating prices on those high graders, looks like the demand is getting relatively inelastic which of course augurs well for the sellers, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  4. Dear whyollect,
    Thank you for your "Fens"!I am still searching for my UNC/BU leng-leng "Fens"!Haha!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    In the process of getting the photos of these leng-lui's done.
    Then, will have them posted.
    Leng-leng uhh, haha :D