Malaysia Parliament Series 1 Cent Coin With Wrong Planchet Stock Errors And Off Center Strike Errors.(2 in 1)

This is a 1 Cent coin  that was struck on a 5 Cents coin planchet, a coin struck on a planchet created for another denomination we called it a Wrong Planchet Stock Error coin.

The Wrong Planchet Stock Errors.
When a coin is struck on the wrong planchet, this means coin was struck on the blank (planchet) that was made for another denomination. Some examples would be a 10 Cents planchet struck with 20 Cents dies. A 5 Cents planchet struck with I Cent or 10 Cents dies.
Coins struck on the wrong planchet are rare and demand a higher premium.
A much rarer error is a Malaysia denomination struck on a foreign planchet.

Then it  was struck about 20%  Off Centre.If a planchet lies partially outside of the dies during the striking, it will receives an off-center strike.

A marvellous coin with 2 in 1 errors.

A Malaysia 1988 1 Cent coin is strike on Copper-Clad Steel planchet weight at 1.74gm and the diameter is 17.7mm, but this error 1 Cent coin was struck on a Malaysia Parliament Series 5 Cents coin planchet, a Copper- Nickel planchet weight at 1.41gm. and diameter measured at 19mm.

It has been in the custody of a very senior numismatist  for almost 25 years.


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