Malaysia Parliament Series With Off Center Strike Error Coins.


I fond these two sister of Parliament House  wondering around in Kuala Lumpur City, upon close-up checking, there were suffered from Mint Errors, a Striking Errors that leads to Off Center Striking Errors.

Malaysia.1976. 5 Cents And 1973. 10 Cents.Off Center Strike Error. Obverse.
I brought them home and now they are under the Niewmismatric Error Coins custody.

Malaysia.1976. 5 Cents And 1973. 10 Cents.Off Center Strike Error. Obverse.
They are young,cute and pretty. The smaller one  was born in 1976 and the bigger in size was  born in year 1973.I love them because both are still very raw, exhibited a very natural and beautiful face, just nice and simple looking!

No plastic surgery (repair or alter), no conservation (clean), no doctor treatment (whizzed),no radiation treatment (artificial toning) etc.

I promised to give them protection and warm shelter.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Haha, natural beauty is beyond comparison.
    Both with tender and silvery white skin and complexion.
    But guess you have adopted too many children until you cannot remember when they were born, haha.
    Your younger kid was born in 1976 and not 1967 lor.
    Haha, suggest maybe you need to give away some to others to take care for you lor, haha.
    Again a beautiful pair indeed.
    Congratulations Dickson :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    OMG ! I think you are right! Too many lovely "kids" to take care or My eye sight getting "Lau Hua" ! Haha! Thank you for the comments, you are always been very vigilant!
    Good day!

  3. Hi Mr Dickson, center yg cantik,kena pula dgn penerangan yg romantis..Tapi bagaimana Mr Dickson tahu keduanya girl?...haha..
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson...

  4. Good find Mr. Dickson! This is one of the reason I wished I lived near KL,..huhuhu.. why not sell me on of the coin because I don't have any error coin from the parliament era.. :)

  5. Dalam dunia,Tuhan reka haiwan,burung,ikan,serangga,dan banyak lagi penghidupan,yang jantang mesti lebih cantik dari betina, tinggal manusia ! Adakah salah masuk kod laluan? Haha!
    Jadi saya pasti syiling yang cantik molek ini mesti "SHE" lah!

  6. Mr.Danny,
    I think is going to be very troublesome for you and your family to move to KL for my error coins,just move your 'trouble free' cash will do! Haha!

  7. Good afternoon Mr Dickson
    Chanced upon this page while going through your other postings. I too have a off center strike coin tho mine is a King George Sixth 1950 20 cent mint.My MRS. found it in the cabinet of her late mother"s room in her home state Kelantan-the room was left unoccupied for the last 10 years.There were a few stacks of coins nicely wrapped in paper.the contents were mostly KGV anD KGV1 1/2 cent coins.A few dollar notes were there too.
    Anyway she took a few pieces back for me.Really an unexpected windfall to treasure.
    Thanks for allowing me to print the error coins'images
    to help me by.
    Have a pleasant day

  8. Hi QPS,
    You are very lucky! Any extra pieces? If you want to sell your off center strike coin King George Sixth 1950 20 cent,please let me know!Hehe!

  9. Good morning Mr Dickson,
    V sorry,the KGV1 20cent off center strike coin is not 4 sale-sentimental value.But i will let u have it if i decide 2 let go.
    Your enthusiasm 4 error coins has rub on 2 me.Have a few hundred pieces of coins of various series and denominations- got them from long forgotten piggy banks,relatives and friends.Will go thro them when free.
    Incidentally have found 2 pcs 1988 50 sen parliament coins with dot and 3 pcs 1 sen coin with rotated die error[ based on your postings images].And also die clash errors in 5 and 10 sen parliament and 1 sen bunga raya coin series.Am learning eh?
    Have a pleasant day

  10. Hi QPS,
    Yes! You are learning and learning fast! Keep up the paste. Contact me if you need my assistant.

  11. Greetings Mr Dickson,
    Have about 10 pcs QUEEN VICTORIA Straits Settlements coins.Holding upright,the QUEEN image on obverse and denomination [1 cent] on reverse shows normal vertical position. However the 1/4,1,5,10 and 20 cent coins show a 180 degrees rotated position of the QUEEN image when turned. Was that a normal minting feature of the referred coins during that period?
    2.I think i have a 1988 20 sen parliament coin with a 'dot'. The dot is in the center of the triangular like
    face of the side block of the parliament building.Is there such a coin?
    Will appreciate your comments.Hope 2 drop in your shop one day.

  12. QPS,
    The 1/4,1,5,10 and 20 cent coins show a inverted image of QUEEN Victoria when turned are normal.These years were minted like that.

    'Dot" on 1988 20 sen parliament coin is a Die Gouge variety.Quite common and it can happens to all denominations.

  13. Good Afternoon Mr Dickson,
    Having a good find. To date,have a complete full set of mintage years of series :PARLIAMENT-5,20,50(2 sets}sen and BUNGA RAYA-1,5(3sets),10(2sets)20sen,and rm1. 50 sen is incomplete as missing 20006 piece.
    Here need your comments:
    1.Notice some 5sen bunga raya coins have double rims with jagged edge
    2.50 sen esp.yr 2002 with double rims.
    Is that a common mintage feature on the coins?
    Thank you.Have a pleasant day

  14. QPS,
    Bro, 2006 no 50 cents being issued lah!Please visit my Blog:

    These were the Die Varieties,common in coins.

  15. Mr.Dickson,
    Thanks for the latest info.So my 50sen bunga raya series is complete as 2006 is a non issue.Actually had
    based the mintage years on Mr.Steven Tan numismatic book which i have.Anyway your reasoning is valid.
    Two days back,had a lucky find- in the morning a 10sen and in the evening a 20 sen 1994 bunga raya coin.
    Have a nice day