"TWIN" Off Center Strike Errors.


If a planchet lies partially outside of the dies during the striking, it receives an off-center strike. 

This is a " Twin" or "Double" Off Center Strike Coins that came from different era!
Malaya And British Borneo Queen Elizabeth II 20 Cents was dated 1961 H  and Malaysia First Series,the Parliament 20 cents was minted in 1982.

MBB.1961 H And Malaysia 1982 20 Cents Off Center Strike Errors. Obverse.
MBB.1961 H And Malaysia 1982 20 Cents Off Center Strike Errors. Reverse.
Both were minted with 20% Off Center errors and still in choice uncirculated to brilliant uncirculated condition.

MBB.1961 H 20 Cents Off Center Strike Errors With Plain Edged.

Malaysia 1982 20 Cents Off Center Strike Errors With Plain Egded.
Usually there are plain edged.


  1. Hi Dickson'
    Phiit, a real matching pair.
    Some more in top grade.
    Guess these pair should be kept together.
    Probably fetching a better premium as a pair.
    In fact we were thinking of collecting this way too for some common coins with die breaks.
    Trying to collect as many as possible in the best grades on each of the varieties.
    Really very nice to look at with all of the same kind and same grade together.
    Congratulations and thanks a lot Dickson :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    1961H Queen E II was with her "God Father" quite a while,just got it from her "God Father" when my sincerity touched him!Haha!
    1982 Parliament just came in few days later from one of my respectful collector Mr.Phun.who past away in an accident my years ago.Greatful,I met his son recently and he is very kind to allow me to inherit few of his father's collection.Thanks Bro!

  3. Hi Bekok,
    Happy to know that you enjoyed the beauty of these coins especially when there are still in UNC/BU condition.
    Happy Niewmismatic!

  4. Walau weeeeh....
    My jaw dropping now. I don't love error coin but this set really something that will make me fell in love with error coins.

  5. Hi Lunaticg,
    Do you need a bowl to keep your dripping saliva !
    You can keep dripping saliva but don't kacau my area of collection la !
    I promised not to kacau (disturb) your Sabah collection!

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