Straits Settlements Queen Victoria (1871-1901) 5 Cents Coin With Uniface Strike Errors.


Uniface Strike  Error Coin.
A Uniface Strike Errors  can only occur when there are two blank planchets  involved.
In this case, there are two blank  planchets were delivered or fed into the coining chamber at the same time.After there were struck,the upper planchet will only received sharp reverse designs with  no design on the obverse,and the lower planchet will received only the clear obverse design  with no design elements on the reverse of the coin.

Queen Victoria. 5 cents. 1871-1901.Uniface Strike Errors. Obverse.

Queen Victoria. 5 cents. 1871-1901.Uniface Strike Errors. Reverse.

Queen Victoria. 5 cents. 1871-1901.Uniface Strike Errors. Milled Edge.


  1. Her twin sister still out there kan? maybe I still have a chance to keep her....

  2. Hi Dickson,
    Its a pity the date cannot be seen in an otherwise very desirable brockage on a classical coin.
    Is there equal chance of either side of the coin not clearly struck when a brockage error occurs?
    Congratulations and thanks a lot again Dickson :)

  3. Hi whycollect,
    Ya lah, if struck with date, wah-lau-a !
    triple the price lol!
    Come to mint errors,anything can happen!

  4. Hi Dickson,
    I am rather puzzled by your definition of a full brockage strike here which says that 2 planchet enter the coining press AT THE SAME TIME would develop a full brockage. If 2 planchet enter at the same time, the 2 planchets would rest on each other in the coining chamber resulting in 1 coin with a sharply struck obverse but no reverse and a 2nd coin with a sharply struck reverse but no obverse. A UNIFACE strike can actually happen in this case.

    For a brockage to happen, another planchet actually enters into the coining chamber with an already struck coin but not properly ejected out. This would result in 1 coin with a depressed and slightly enlarged incused mirror image of the struck coin on 1 side and a strong strike on the opposite side and a second coin with a double strike on 1 side and a flattened , enlarged relief design on the the opposite side. This is also the definition of brockage strike.
    On the fact that you can't see the date on this subject coin, it is apparent that this may not be a brockage strike but a uniface strike.

    What do you think?

  5. Hi nucoins,
    Is my mistake !Indeed it was a Uniface strike error coin. Thank you very much nucoins.You have been very experience in coining process,I would be very appreciate if you can suggest me some good coin minting books to me for reading leasure.
    Thank you for visiting my post and undeniable that your expertise in coin minting are so good and is a lot for to learn.
    Please be free to point out my mistakes that I may had made in any of my posts so that my blog visitors will not receive a wrong information.
    Thank you very much!